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How do the major chains stack up when it comes to healthy vegetarian fast food?
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03.Compare fast food meals


Comparison table list

  • By default ALL tested products are listed. You can select up to five items to view in a side by side comparison. 
  • Additional columns can be viewed by using the Next/Previous buttons.
  • Column headings are explained in 'Using the table' at the bottom of the page.

Using the filters 

  • Use the filters to show only products that meet your specific requirements or which have the specific features you're interested in. Selecting filters automatically updates the Comparison table list. 
  • The number shown in brackets represents the number of products that will be shown if you select that filter. 
  • You can view additional filters by selecting the Show more filters button.

Non-vegetarian meals

Please note: The non-vegetarian meals that have been included in the table were noted as "healthier menu options" in our 2011 Fast food survival guide. They have been included in this table for comparison purposes only.

Traffic light criteria

Columns 8-12 show nutrients per 100g. Criteria behind the traffic lights appearing in these columns are as follows:



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Compare products

Table Allowing the user to select a number of products dependant on their filter options.
Items to compare

Select up to 5 items below.
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Food categoryServe size (g)Energy per serve (kJ)Total fat per serve (g)Saturated fat per serve (g)Sugars per serve (g)Sodium per serve (mg)Energy per 100g (kJ)Total fat (per 100g)Saturated fat (per 100g)Sugars (per 100g)Sodium (per 100g)Brand
Hamburger (A)burger108117010.83.85.1519Hungry Jacks
Bondi Burger with Chilli - Single Fillet (A)burger155174022.63.92.9736Oporto
Original Fillet Burger (A)burger1781688111.87.4853KFC
Veggie Burgerburger282297939.210.712.41529Hungry Jacks
Veggie Burgerburger275283037.76.38.51361Oporto
Vego Burgerburger285244622.23.47.1884Nandos
Vego Burger (no mayo)burger275237120.43.38.51100Nandos
Gung Ho Soy Box - largenoodles7103848395.731.22911Noodle Box
Gung Ho Soy Box - smallnoodles41022229.83.3181681Noodle Box
spinach & ricotta cannelloni hot pasta salad - regularpasta350215621.510.24.2945Sumo Salad
italian penne hot pasta salad - regularpasta400250333314.2896Sumo Salad
pesto pasta salad - regularpasta286266239.744.5887Sumo Salad
eggplant ravioli hot pasta salad - regularpasta400208928.86.28.6795Sumo Salad
Tuscani Pastas Mediterranean Veg - for onepasta302169711.83.99.1985Pizza Hut
pumpkin & pinenut tortellini hot pasta salad - regularpasta398234734.36.311.9654Sumo Salad
tomato, chilli, olive ravioli - regularpasta2079917.83.71367Sumo Salad
Prawn and Spinach Ciabatta Pizza (Good Choice) (A)pizza21616452.21.34.1606Dominos
Signature Four Cheese pizza - Perfecto crustpizza7496411.16.11.8474Pizza Hut
Simply Cheese - the edge crustpizza8396310.452.8439Dominos
Satay Veg - the edge crustpizza969138.73.85392Dominos
Margherita - the edge crustpizza889069.14.13.3420Dominos
Vegorama - the edge crustpizza908978.83.43.6402Dominos
Signature Antipasto pizza - Perfecto crustpizza83830. Hut
Pizza Classics Cheese pizza - Perfecto crustpizza70817. Hut
Vegorama - square puff crustpizza777939.44.34.5337Dominos
Signature Spinach & Feta pizza - Perfecto crustpizza69777. Hut
Legends Veggie pizza - Perfecto crustpizza76771. Hut
Simply Cheese - square puff crustpizza607509.55.33.1335Dominos
Simply Cheese - deep panpizza717465.52.82.9327Dominos
Pizza Classics Margherita pizza - Perfecto crustpizza73713.35.42.42254Pizza Hut
Mia Cheese pizza - Perfecto crustpizza55698. Hut
Mia Veggie pizza - Perfecto crustpizza58691. Hut
Satay Veg - square puff crustpizza726897.945.3284Dominos
Satay Veg - deep panpizza806894.21.84.5288Dominos
Margherita - deep panpizza756844.423.4311Dominos
Margherita - square puff crustpizza636687.84.13.7301Dominos
Simply Cheese - classic crustpizza565774.82.62.2271Dominos
Simply Cheese - thin n crispypizza535514.12.52.2256Dominos
Vegorama - thin n crispypizza6654541.72.8267Dominos
Satay Veg - classic crustpizza705433.61.64.3239Dominos
Vegorama - deep panpizza615333.71.22.7243Dominos
Satay Veg - thin n crispypizza685333.31.84.3233Dominos
Margherita - classic crustpizza615233.71.82.6259Dominos
Margherita - thin n crispypizza605213.422.6257Dominos
Vegorama - classic crustpizza645072.51.22.2250Dominos
mushroom risotto - regularrisotto44112977.14.22.5768Sumo Salad
pumpkin risotto - regularrisotto44113886.62.952.2604Sumo Salad
Subway Six-Inch Roasted Chicken Sub - wheat bread (A)roll/sub217118041.36.2438Subway
falafel, tomato & rocket long rollroll/sub315273522.14.625.81414Sumo Salad
pear, brie & rocket long rollroll/sub315275321.711.915.9873Sumo Salad
Veggie Patty 6 Inch Sub - wheat breadroll/sub24317678.71.59.7566Subway
Veggie Delite 6 Inch Sub - wheat breadroll/sub1538572.80.95.2284Subway
Veggie Delite Mini Sub - wheat breadroll/sub1025731.80.63.4191Subway
balsamic beetroot salad - regularsalad64118673.11.184.41908Sumo Salad
shanghai noodle salad - regularsalad400227716.71.617.51433Sumo Salad
roasted pumpkin & chickpea salad - regularsalad400123910.9116.81189Sumo Salad
mediterranean chickpea salad - regularsalad4002012262.417.21180Sumo Salad
wild rice & chickpea salad - regularsalad400165215.61.211.21100Sumo Salad
white bean & kumera salad - regularsalad390200513.31.230.8983Sumo Salad
rocket, fetta & sun-dried tomatoes salad leafy - regularsalad248163834.48.65.4851Sumo Salad
israeli cous cous salad - regularsalad350229611.61.123.1795Sumo Salad
falafel, barley & quinoa salad - regularsalad400266231.23.618.7739Sumo Salad
falafel & cous cous salad leafy - regularsalad277158527.74.817.1666Sumo Salad
pumpkin & cous cous salad - regularsalad3619839.11.114.8658Sumo Salad
lentil & tabbouleh salad - regularsalad390183525.52.48.2518Sumo Salad
moroccan roasted vegetables salad - regularsalad2801630141.310.8485Sumo Salad
greek salad leafy - regularsalad278105222.75.94.4476Sumo Salad
spicy yam cous cous - regularsalad400210419.21.626.4448Sumo Salad
pumpkin & beetroot salad leafy - regularsalad280136622.54.611.2368Sumo Salad
pumpkin & pinenut salad - largesalad2551324264.85.8254Sumo Salad
Veggie Delite Salad (no dressing)salad3142420.90.3577Subway
value-tarian salad - smallsalad2656617.535.9188Sumo Salad
Avocado Sushi Rollsushi roll11074010.42.36.5555Go Sushi
Egg Sushi Rollsushi roll1106256.61.56.6573Go Sushi
Vegie Deluxe Sushi Rollsushi roll1106025.40.87.4689Go Sushi
Vege Sushi Rollsushi roll11039810.047.1523Go Sushi
roasted vegetable toastietoasted sandwich260178817.65.86.1863Sumo Salad
tomato & bocconcini toastietoasted sandwich306239218.56.18.9761Sumo Salad
Vegetarian Vietnamese Rollvietnamese roll601160.20.011.411Go Sushi
Seared Chicken Tandoori Wrap (A)wrap25613407.43.16.6592McDonalds
falafel & hummus wrapwrap335229122.96.319.51368Sumo Salad
pumpkin & pinenut wrapwrap346267839.38.87.3943Sumo Salad
roasted vegetable toasted wrapwrap206173719.16.94.1815Sumo Salad
Vege Pitawrap2501752121.516.8707Nandos
Vege Pita (no mayo)wrap23816229.81.215.3644Nandos
Veggie Delite Wrapwrap1599765.92.53.3545Subway

Using the table

Serve sizes are those specified by the fast food chain. For all pizzas (except for Domino's single serve Prawn and Spinach Ciabatta Good Choice pizza), this is just one slice. At CHOICE, we believe that even the smallest eater is likely to eat two slices so bear that in mind when comparing nutrients per serve, or use the nutrients per 100g details in columns 8-12.

Nutrients are based on information provided by the fast food chain or available on the chain's website. Columns 3-7 show nutrients per serve, columns 8-12 show nutrients per 100g. For comparison purposes energy and sodium figures have been rounded to the nearest whole number and fat, sat fat and sugars have been rounded to the nearest decimal point.

Traffic light criteria are based on the latest nutrition recommendations and dietary guidelines established by government health experts in Australia and internationally. 

Fat (g/100g) Green light ≤3; Orange light 3.1-19.9; Red light ≥20. 

Saturated fat (g/100g) Green light ≤1.5; Orange light 1.6-4.9; Red light ≥5. 

Sugars (g/100g) Green light ≤5; Orange light 5.1-14.9; Red light ≥15. 

Sodium (mg/100g) Green light ≤120; Orange light 121-599; Red light ≥600.

Table notes

(A) These non-vegetarian meals were noted as healthier menu options in our 2011 Fast food survival guide. They have been included in this table for comparison purposes only.

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