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  • Updated:1 Jul 2006

05.Energy and exercise

Ultimately, protein products are a source of energy, which you’ll need to burn off if you want to avoid putting on weight.

For example:

  • An average woman (weighing about 65 kg) would need to put in around half an hour of light running to burn off an AUSSIE BODIES Protein Revival Drink
  • An average man (weighing about 80 kg) would need to spend slightly longer than that on a rowing machine to use up the kilojoules consumed in a MUSASHI P40 Protein Bar.

The table below gives an estimate of the total kilojoules used over 30 minutes by an average man and woman for different activities.

Kilojoules used over 30 minutes
Activity kJ / kg used Total kJ used if you’re 65 kg* Total kJ used if you’re 80 kg**
Aerobics, low impact 10.5 683 840
Running, light (8 km/h) 16.8 1092 1344
Rowing, moderate 14.7 956 1176
Running, moderate (12 km/h) 26.3 1710 2104
Weight training, light to moderate 6.3 410 504

* Average woman
** Average man

To calculate the kilojoules used per 30 minutes of exercise for your own body weight, multiply the kJ/kg figure by your body weight in kilograms.


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