Low-fat yoghurt

Some low-fat yoghurts have so much sugar they can be more fattening than full-fat.
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  • Updated:15 May 2007

02.What to buy

  • NESTLÉ Diet Strawberry $1.30
  • YOPLAIT No Fat Strawberry $1.10
  • YOU'LL LOVE COLES Extra Lite Strawberry & Vanilla $1.00
  • ATTIKI Acidophilus Skim Milk Strawberry $1.25
  • BROWNES Friendly aB+ Strawberry Sundae $0.90

All these fruit yoghurts combine low fat with low kilojoules.
The first three are artificially sweetened, see Artificial sweeteners (below) for more.
The prices are for 200g and are based on those we paid in Sydney in February 2007.

Artificial sweetners

Less sugar can come at a price you might not want to pay. The three yoghurts with fewest kilojoules — NESTLÉ Diet Strawberry, YOPLAIT No Fat Strawberry and YOU’LL LOVE COLES Extra Lite Strawberry and Vanilla — are artificially sweetened with acesulphame potassium (950) and aspartame (951).

Apart from it taking a while to get used to the different taste, there have been reports linking artificial sweeteners to increased risk of cancer. Experts, though, are generally convinced that any risks are extremely small, and you have to balance these small risks against the very substantial risks to your health from being overweight. But at the same time it’s a good idea to limit your intake of artificially sweetened foods and drinks.


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