Culture clash: frozen yoghurt

The cold facts on froyo chains' health claims
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Frozen yoghurt may sound healthy, but in large amounts and smothered in sugary treats, it’s a dessert. If you’re looking to limit kilojoule (not to mention financial) overload, choose a shop that has a variety of cup sizes (some stores start at 90g), pick a small size, and stick to fresh fruit toppings.

Time for more kilojoule labelling?

In NSW, food outlets with more than 20 stores statewide (or 50 stores nationally) are required to display the average kilojoule content of each product alongside the price. This covers fast food chains, snack chains, juice bars, and coffee shops – anywhere that sells “standard food items” across their stores.

In March 2013, these rules were extended to cover the same types of standard foods in supermarkets such as bakery items and BBQ chickens. Mandatory schemes also operate in SA and the ACT. In Victoria, the Brumby government announced in 2010 that it would legislate to require chain food outlets to disclose kilojoule content of products on menu boards from mid-2012, and encouraged companies to introduce kilojoule menu labels voluntarily in the meantime.

However, the legislation wasn’t passed before the Baillieu government was elected, and the current Napthine government hasn’t said whether it will go ahead with it.

The yoghurt stores we looked at have fewer than 20 stores, so they’re exempt from mandatory kilojoule labelling. However, in NSW, where a store chooses to voluntarily display nutrition information it should comply with the regulations that apply to bigger chains, displaying kilojoules and price for each product.

CHOICE, which has been part of this initiative in NSW, believes it’s important that all consumers have the information they need to make healthy choices. We’re calling for a nationally consistent kilojoule-labelling system for takeaway food.


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