Surviving fast food

We look at the menus at some of Australia’s biggest fast food chains to help you choose the healthiest option available.
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02.Burning it off

You know how the saying goes: a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. If you’re keen to stick with unhealthy fast food choices, you’ll need to balance the kilojoule equation – whether that’s by abstaining from indulgences the next day or extra exercise. To give you an idea of the energy in some of the fast food options, we did some kilojoule crunching.

McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder = more than 2.5 hours of constant house cleaning (definitely no breaks to watch Oprah!) or walking.
Hungry Jack’s Ultimate Double Whopper = 1.5 hour run or 3 hours of helping your friend move house (if you lift all the heavy boxes).
Wicked Wings Snack Box from KFC = almost 2 hours of cycling or 1.5 hours mowing the lawn.


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Sangers and sushi

Almost half the members we surveyed buy lunch on the go up to twice a week. Your favourites are sandwiches and sushi.

At the sandwich shop

FF_sandwhich-shop_EMost people would think a ham and cheese sandwich is a healthy lunch, but bread, ham and cheese are all high in sodium
and it lacks nutrients.

  • Opt for wholegrain bread over white or focaccia.
  • Ask for no butter, or substitute with avocado.
  • The more salad the better, and the more colours in the salad the more vitamins and minerals you’ll get.
  • Go easy on the cheese and avoid fried fillings and processed meats.
  • Choose mustard or vinaigrette over creamy sauces.
At the sushi bar

FF_sushi_EJapanese is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, but the western palate has added some unfortunate twists such as processed cheese. Japanese cuisine can be high in sodium, which is linked with many health problems including high blood pressure and kidney disease.

  • Cut back on the salty soy sauce – use wasabi for flavour.
  • Steer clear of tempura and battered or fried sushi fillings, and choose tuna, chicken or sashimi instead.
  • Give mayonnaise and processed cheese a wide berth – they’ll only add unwanted fat and kilojoules.
  • Miso soup is delicious but also very salty, so enjoy sparingly.
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