Fast food

"Upsizing" your meal will really push the fat, salt and sugar right over the top.
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  • Updated:9 Jan 2005

11.The best of the lot ...

If the kids drag you to worship regularly at the fast-food altar and you’re looking for something that amounts to more than a tiny burger yet is healthier than the usual chain offerings, try RED ROOSTER’s Fresh Sub 97, or a visit to NANDO’S will give you a few options that won’t break the nutrition bank. A KFC Orignal Fillet Burger — if you go for potato and gravy or coleslaw with it instead of chips — can be a reasonable option. SUBWAY offers plenty of choice as long as you’re careful not to add the high-fat options. A falafel roll or some of the kebabs are also good choices.

You could also steer towards a filled baguette or salad from McDONALD'S or HUNGRY JACKS, but you still need to be careful with the choice you make, as while on the surface they appear to be the healthiest options, this isn't always the case. See Salads — 2004 update for details.

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