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"Upsizing" your meal will really push the fat, salt and sugar right over the top.
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  • Updated:9 Jan 2005


The SUBWAY chain of sandwich shops offers a range of meat and salad rolls. It was handed PR fame when a US uni student, Jared Fogle, went from 425 lb to 190 lb (193 kg to 86 kg) on a diet of coffee for breakfast and a SUBWAY sandwich for lunch and dinner. Others have followed where he led and the chain proudly uses him in their advertising (while carefully noting that they don’t actually endorse his ‘diet’).

The reason he succeeded? Portion control — meaning he dramatically cut the amount of food he ate — and he always chose one of the 7 under 6 subs (originally seven subs that had less than 6 g of fat). There are certainly more healthy choices here than the other big chains (and a couple of vegie options), but not everything gets a thumbs-up. You need to choose carefully or you can still blow the bank — some options on the regular menu get close to 2000 kJ and the Chicken and Bacon Ranch Wrap has over a tablespoon of fat.

See the full table for fast food comparisons.

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