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Beware savoury snacks full of salt and saturated fat.
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Table Allowing the user to select a number of products dependant on their filter options.
Items to compare

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Price ($)Product typeEnergy (kJ per 100g)Total fat (per 100g)Saturated fat (per 100g)Sugars (per 100g)Sodium (mg per 100g)Fibre (g per 100g)Brand
Lime and black pepper potato chips (variety pack) 28g5.99chips and crackers206023.43.32.84603.8Red Rock Deli
honey soy chicken potato chips (variety pack) 28g5.99chips and crackers205023.13.24.15823.6Red Rock Deli
sweet chilli and sour cream flavoured potato chips (variety pack) 28g5.99chips and crackers203023.53.52.311803.6Red Rock Deli
sea salt potato chips (variety pack) 28g5.99chips and crackers204022.52.10.64794Red Rock Deli
original crinkle cut potato chips (variety pack) 19g5.49chips and crackers213031.911.31.85963Smiths
original thinly cut potato chips (variety pack) 19g5.49chips and crackers213031.911.31.85183Smiths
sour cream and onion flavoured thinly cut potato chips (variety pack) 19g5.49chips and crackers210030.510.94.15923Smiths
Twisties cheese flavoured snack 19g5.49chips and crackers208023.411.45.810601.5Smiths
Doritos cheese supreme flavoured corn chips (variety pack) 19g5.49chips and crackers21702713.32.65693.5Smiths
sour cream and chives 28g5.99chips and crackers200021.14.27.45636Grain Waves
sweet chilli flavoured (variety pack) 28g5.99chips and crackers199020.53.88.85455.9Grain Waves
cheddar cheese flavour (variety pack) 28g5.99chips and crackers199021.24.46.46175.8Grain Waves
natural (variety pack) 21g7.65chips and crackers195020.1210.55604.2Vege Chips
BBQ flavoured (variety pack) 21g7.65chips and crackers189017.41.912.512305.3Vege Chips
sweet and sour (variety pack) 21g7.65chips and crackers189018.21.714.87505.4Vege Chips
French onion (variety pack) 21g7.65chips and crackers192018.2212.110705.4Vege Chips
Vita Wheat Grain Snacks cheddar and chives flavour (variety pack) 20g4.99chips and crackers180011.54.74.58075.9Arnotts
Vita Wheat Grain Snacks original with sea salt 20g4.99chips and crackers182313.91.64.16458.7Arnotts
Shapes pizza flavoured (variety pack) 25g4.61chips and crackers21422310.82.1657Arnotts
Shapes cheddar flavoured (variety pack) 25g4.61chips and crackers21652813.91.61052Arnotts
Shapes BBQ flavoured (variety pack) 25g4.61chips and crackers218425.211.71.4752Arnotts
Shapes cheese and bacon (variety pack) 25g4.61chips and crackers204118.49.40.9783Arnotts
Original flavour rice crackers 6x20g3.99chips and crackers16803.50.34.6677Fantastic
chicken flavour rice crackers 6x15g2.99chips and crackers16803.50.41.73681Sakata
Rice cracker snacks 12x20g2.49chips and crackers17404.10.61.53950.9Be light (Aldi)
Tuna to go tuna 4 snack packs 4x61g5.49Tuna kits96310.12.61.6596John West
Tuna to go 4 tomato and basil snack packs 4x61g5.49Tuna kits97810.12.61.7596John West
lunch kit tuna + sweetcorn in mayonnaise with crackers 108g2.99Tuna kits160017.73.52368Seakist
lunch kit tuna + thousand island dressing with crackers 108g2.99Tuna kits7538.82.64.6350Seakist
Tuna treat  with crackers mayonnaise with chilli 112g1.99Tuna kits8628.42.81.8592Portview
Tuna and beans roasted capsicum and three beans 185g3.35Tuna kits4784.60.62.1432John West
Tuna and beans casicum, sweet corn, red kidney beans and chilli 185g3.35Tuna kits6457.30.81432John West
3 beans and corn thai sweet chilli 150g1.99Bean kits3781.40.44.12956.9Edgell
3 beans and corn honey and wholegrain mustard 150g1.99Bean kits4212.90.63.12076.9Edgell
baked beans rich tomato 220g1.26Bean kits3690.70.33.42904.8SPC
baked beans in rich tomato sauce 220g1.32Bean kits3750.50.14.53655.2Heinz
walnut, cashews and almonds 6x30g3.99Nuts252053.25.94.457.3Lucky
Almonds 6x30g3.99Nuts233043.83.66.358.8Wholefoods oh so natural (Aldi)
Just Nuts 6x30g4.99Nuts256048.55.24.567Sunbeam
Almonds with yoghurt sultanas 6x30g4.99Nuts223035.66.823.5208.6Lucky
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