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Yoghurt doesn’t have to be loaded with fat to taste deliciously creamy.
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02.What to buy

These products scored the best in our test:
What to buy
Brand Price*

Low fat and great taste

Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Field Strawberries $0.64
Tamar Valley Premium Creamy Raspberry $1.11

Great taste, but not low fat

Dairy Bliss Spring Delights Deli Yoghurt Strawberry $0.96
Gippsland Dairy Raspberry Twist $1.21
King Island Dairy Vanilla Bean Yoghurt $1.24

Image of brands listed in What to buy table

Taste testers likes and dislikes

We asked 32 ordinary consumers, all CHOICE staff, to taste the yoghurts and rate them for creaminess and overall impression.

On average our tasters liked all the yoghurts, but there were some clear favourites (see table). And often price is a fair guide – overall the tasters preferred the more expensive brands.

The most popular were described as:

  • Thick and creamy.
  • Very fruity.

By contrast, brands the tasters didn't like as much were typically described as:

  • Thin texture.
  • A bit watery.
  • A touch bland.

Creamy without the cream

On average, the tasters preferred the yoghurts that tasted creamiest. Fortunately, however, yoghurt doesn't have to be loaded with fat to taste creamy. Three of the top five brands contain plenty of fat and deliver about 8% of your daily energy needs in one hit.

The other two, however, Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Field Strawberries and Tamar Valley Premium Creamy Raspberry, are actually low in fat. Their manufacturers have used intelligent food science to give the impression of a rich and creamy yoghurt (see Food science at its best).


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