Premium yoghurt reviews

Yoghurt doesn’t have to be loaded with fat to taste deliciously creamy.
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Full results of our taste test and nutritional information for each product are shown in the table below.


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Premium yohurts results table

Using the table

Taste scores These are average scores from a group of 32 ordinary consumers (16 men and 16 women). They were asked to rate the yoghurts for creaminess and overall impression. Each taster rated four yoghurts and each yoghurt was tasted by nine or 10 people. The yoghurts were presented in plain containers identified only by letters and numbers so the tasters didn’t know the brands or types of yoghurt they were eating.

Nutrients These are based on information on the label. The manufacturers’ recommended serving sizes ranged from 100g to 200g, so for ease of comparison we give the amounts of energy, fat and sugar per 100g. (One teaspoon of sugar weighs 4g.)

Price Based on prices we paid in Sydney supermarkets in October 2008.

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