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06.Value for money

If you only want cheap fuel and don’t care about poor flavour and quality, the supermarket generic brands of frozen pizza are about half the price of most others. The other more expensive brands of frozen pizza are just not worth the extra money.

Pizzas from the takeaway chains taste better and are still relatively cheap; most people would be satisfied by half a pizza costing less than $5. Domino’s Good Choice range, however, are much more expensive at $7.95 for a pizza that’s only just big enough for one person.

Chilled pizzas are not significantly cheaper than takeaways, and, with the exception of Aldi’s Fresh Approach Calabrese, don’t taste as good – but you can keep them in the fridge for a few days, so they can be more convenient, and cheaper than ordering a pizza from a chain if you pay extra to have it delivered.

For best value and taste, try making your own pizza by following our CHOICE Champion Pizza recipe. The tasters scored this pizza well above any of the bought ones, and it only costs about $3.40 for one pizza.


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