Pasta sauces

Ready-made pasta sauces are quick and easy to prepare but our expert tasters were unimpressed.
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  • Updated:4 Jun 2006



In brief

  • While the experts thought some of the tomato-based (napoletana) sauces were OK, they were scathing about the pesto and carbonara sauces they tasted.
  • The chilled ‘fresh’ sauces didn’t stand out as consistently better than the cheaper and more convenient shelf-stable versions in jars.

Please note: this information was current as of June 2006 but is still a useful guide to today's market.

Pasta’s a favourite with most people — in fact a recent survey found that spaghetti bolognese is Australia’s second most favourite food (after a traditional roast with vegetables and gravy). So for a quick dinner when you’re short of time, what could be better than pasta with one of the ready-made sauces from the supermarket?

We served 14 big-name pasta sauces to three food experts and asked for their verdict (see the Table for the brands they tasted). They weren’t enthusiastic about any of them.

If you’re feeding little kids they’d probably be happy, the experts said, but grown-ups deserve better.



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