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05.Lowest sugar

Out of the 159 mueslis we tested, 11 meet the definition for low sugar (no more than 5% sugar), and the six in this table contain the least (2% sugar or less) — far less than the average of 18%. This is because they contain no added sugars and minimal or no dried fruit.

While providing many valuable nutrients, dried fruit is also a concentrated form of sugar, so muesli can be full of sugar without it being listed as an ingredient. For example The Muesli Company Premium Toasted Muesli Full of Fruit carries a “no added sugar” claim, but it’s still 25% sugar, thanks to its dried fruit content. Morpeth Sourdough Morpeth Muesli Deluxe may live up to its “no added cane sugar” claim but its dried fruit content along with its honey (sugar, just in another form) result in a product that’s almost 28% sugar. And Sunsol Gluten Free Muesli and Nu-Vit Low Fat Fruity Muesli Gluten Free, both with 43.3% sugars, are more sugary than Kellogg’s Coco Pops - although their sugars are (for the most part) from dried fruit and not just added sugars. 



Tips for choosing lower sugar

• Check the ingredients list for added sugar. It can be disguised as honey, maple syrup, golden syrup or glucose, for example.
• Watch out for dried fruit in the top three ingredients.


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