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06.Lowest fat

Mueslis are intrinsically higher in fat than other cereals, but the fat is often from oats, seeds or nuts, so it’s the “good” unsaturated type (and you get the valuable nutrients that are found naturally in these ingredients). Boutique muesli brand The Muesli is an extreme example both of its products are over 37% fat and yet its only ingredients are oats, nuts, seeds and coconut. Limiting your serving size of the mueslis that are high in these "good" fats can help reduce the amount of fat (and therefore kilojoules) you consume.

If you’re trying to avoid fat of any kind, some mueslis contain next to none. Out of the 159 we tested, only 10 mueslis meet Australian food regulator FSANZ’s definition of low fat (no more than 3% fat), and the four mueslis in this table contain the least (2.5% or less).

However, what low-fat mueslis lack in fat they tend to make up for in sugar. Three of these also contain more than 24% sugar, higher than the average sugar content for muesli (12%) and Morning Sun Fruit Muesli is the only muesli in our list not to contain added sugar.



Tips for choosing lower fat

• Check the nutrition information panel (NIP). Less than 12% fat (12g fat per 100g) is better than average for muesli. For really low fat muesli look for ones with 3% fat or less.
• The type of fat is also important. Again, check the NIP the lower the ratio of saturated fat to total fat the better. The ingredients list tells you whether the fat comes mainly from nuts and seeds (unsaturated fat) or added fat, depending on which is listed higher up. Where added fat is listed as ‘vegetable oil’, it could be from coconut oil, which is a saturated fat, or ‘hardened’ vegetable oil, which can contain trans fat as bad for us as saturated fat.


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