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01 .Introduction

Bowl of muesli
We scrutinise 159 mueslis to find one that's right for you, whether that be low fat, low sugar, high fibre, a variety of nuts and seeds or a variety fruit. 

To see how your regular muesli compares with the top-rating mueslis in each of our categories go to our muesli comparison table.

More for your money?

Muesli has cast off its sawdusty image and gone upmarket.

For $20 (or more!) a kilo, you can get stylishly packaged organic grains mixed with exotic ingredients like wild figs and blueberries, biodynamic pears, white mulberries and pistachios. While posh muesli may be delicious, the extra dollars you fork out  we paid just under $50 per kilo for the Healthy Friend range of muesli won’t necessarily buy you a healthier product.

At the cheaper end (for as little as $3/kg) the fruit variety is more likely to include sultanas and apricots than barberries and goji berries. You’ll also usually get fewer nuts in the mix (and then mainly almonds), but you’re just as likely to get a nutritious start to the day.

You might also like to make your own muesli using the CHOICE recipe.

Nutrition claims

When choosing a muesli always check the nutrition information panel (NIP) first and don’t be swayed by nutrition claims alone despite its healthful image, muesli can be laden with fat and sugar.

We reviewed the mueslis on test for on-pack nutrition claims and found almost three quarters contain at least one. The most common are gluten and wheat free claims or relate to fibre and/or wholegrain content, but low in salt, no added sugar, high protein, low GI and low fat claims are also popular.

The problem with nutrition claims is that they don’t tell the whole story products claiming no added sugar can still be high in sugar, for example, and on the flip side, products that are low fat or contain more than average fibre may be claim free.

CHOICE has called for mandatory front of pack traffic light labelling on all products making nutrient or nutrition claims as well as high level health claims to ensure that consumers who want to make healthy decisions are able to do so. For more information check out our Food labelling campaign.

Jargon buster

Muesli was created around 1900 by Swiss physician Max Bircher-Benner, who used a diet of raw vegetables, fruit and nuts to treat patients. The original Bircher muesli was uncooked rolled oats soaked in water or fruit juice, served with grated or chopped fresh fruit. Nowadays, Bircher- or Swiss-style mueslis tend to be oats mixed with other cereals, nuts, seeds and various dried fruits.

  • Natural implies that the muesli hasn’t been toasted or baked, but it’s a meaningless term for helping you choose a healthy muesli.
  • Toasted/roasted/baked. In the past, toasted mueslis were often higher in fat. But these days many toasted (and roasted and baked) mueslis contain lower than average fat, and not all of them list oil as an ingredient. On the other hand, many contain added sugar, often in the form of honey. Honey could be used in the heating process to give that glazed look common to toasted mueslis.
  • Granola (originally ‘granula’) is a type of muesli-like cereal invented in New York at the same time as the Swiss were inventing muesli, and because of its similarities to muesli we’ve included it in this review. Granula consisted of wholegrain products clustered together and baked until crispy. It was revived as a ‘health food’ in the 1960s, when fruits and nuts were added. The name ‘granola’ is trademarked in Australia by Sanitarium, but there are plenty of granola-style products on the shelves, usually marketed as ‘clusters’ or ‘crunchola’. Most granola-style cereals, like most mueslis, are oat-based. The majority contain added oil and sugar (sometimes in the form of honey or other sweet syrups) to hold them together.

For more information on Groceries, see Food & drink.


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Price ($)Energy (kJ per 100g)Total fat (per 100g)Saturated fat (per 100g)Sugars (per 100g)Sodium (per 100g)Fibre (per 100g)Number of fruitsNumber of nutsNumber of seedsOrganicGluten freeBrand
Original swiss style muesli19.50150950.623.10.157Alpen
No added sugar swiss style muesli19.5014885.20.616.30.167.8Alpen
Toasted farmhouse toasted muesli5.1917007.11.629.8508.9Arnold's Farm
Apricot and Yoghurt Muesli5.1915707.92.320.2258.7Arnold's Farm
Strawberry and Yoghurt Muesli5.1916107.72.216.41810.2Arnold's Farm
Full o' fruit toasted muesli5.19181013.44.420.8517.8Arnold's Farm
Yeast free and wheat free muesli10.64185720. Health Foods
Wheat and gluten free muesli15.2715793.60.918.71885.4Biogenic Health Foods
Toasted Muesli3.5115505.71.95less than 513.1Black and Gold
Tropical muesli3.6316006.81.6121710.7Black and Gold
Toasted macadamia muesli with cranberries21.90 (A)185016420248Brookfarm
Toasted macadamia muesli with apricots22.40 (A)1865175.418.8237.7Brookfarm
Macadamia Muesli natural apricot and apple21.00 (A)17266.81.714.6319.1Brookfarm
Macadamia Muesli gluten free with cranberries30.00 (A)1829202.8614.35.7111.4Brookfarm
Macadamia muesli gluten free with apricots and apples31.29 (A)1860204.520.26.712.1Brookfarm
Macadamia Muesli Bircher style natural27.78 (A)189916.52.86.51110.2Byron Bay
Macadamia Muesli Classic blend roasted28.78 (A)192718.839.56.48.6Byron Bay
Macadamia Muesli Almond, fig and pear roasted27.78 (A)198018. Bay
Original Fruit free Muesli9.981990222.58508.2Carman's
Deluxe fruit Muesli14.98182917.8214.4904.5Carman's
Natural Bircher Muesli9.98173017.22.212.21011.2Carman's
Classic Fruit Muesli9.98 (A)186518.12.210.2359Carman's
Premium muesli with apricot and almonds7.32 (A)1367.3311.411.0221.8311.4715.08Classique Gourmet
Deluxe muesli with cranberries7.32 (A)1513.1311.411.3720.5320.7515.87Classique Gourmet
Apricot Date and Almond Muesli5.7215609.92.819.7613Coles
Natural Low Fat Muesli5.7214202.90.528.14512.9Coles
Natural Summer Fruits Muesli5.7215709.24.129.32312Coles
Toasted Original Muesli Toasted with honey and Cinnamon5.72177015.13.316.4179.2Coles
Muesli2.8315387.82.212.46415Coles Smart Buy
Really Fruity Muesli8.3614907.313319nsEnergy Fields
Natural Muesli7.57150010.81.330.216nsEnergy Fields
Natural Muesli with Apricot and Almond8.17150010.81.330.216nsEnergy Fields
Wheat and Gluten Free Muesli14.2815793.60.918.7188nsEnergy Fields
Vital Start muesli19.781890192.611.47116.3Energy fields
Natural Muesli the one with fruit and nuts20.20165717. Shelton's
Natural Muesli the one with just fruit22.2013545.10.919.510.69.9Flip Shelton's
Natural Muesli the one with just nuts and seeds21.30181923.93.227.510.5Flip Shelton's
Natural Muesli the one that's Gluten free271858214.211.417.57.3Flip Shelton's
The Gluten Free Muesli16.7312546.90.923.5197Food for Health Life Food
The Liver Cleansing Muesli15.90182023.63.21.21413.2Food for Health Life Food
The Fibre Cleanse Muesli15.90172020.42.72.41316Food for Health Life Food
Certified organic gluten free muesli13.8515104.30.69.911nsFour Leaf
Certified organic muesli12.81158010less than 1.27.911nsFour Leaf
Muesli Gluten Free9.98 (A)173016.96.530.15410.6Freedom Foods
Apricot and almond Muesli3.30168012.82.913.26710.4GoldenVale
Swiss Toasted muesli9.98166010.21.233.815010.9GoldenVale
Mountain Muesli9.981950212.717.4196.9GoldenVale
Fruit and Nut Muesli3.301680133.114.77211GoldenVale
Continential Natural Muesli9.98182020.43.832.8908.8GoldenVale
Bircher Deluxe Apple, Cinnamon and Almond Muesli15.00 (A)171017.92.48.62714.1Healtheries
Bircher Apple and Raisin muesli10.59 (A)165013.51.820.15409.5Healtheries
Macadamia Rice Toasted Muesli49.88218029.26.912.8150nsHealthy Friend
Almond Rice Toasted Muesli49.882090253.217.9170nsHealthy Friend
Coconut Rice Toasted Muesli49.88210026.310.416.6250nsHealthy Friend
Buckwheat Toasted Muesli49.88210025.83.516.1150nsHealthy Friend
Apple and sultana muesli13.57 (A)1528.611.134.2233.8220.76nsHealthylife
Cranberry, apricot and coconut muesli mix12.70 (A)1559.8114.099.7822.3316.83nsHealthylife
Natural19.201496. Harvest
Dry roasted20.501718.517.421.97.810.4Heartland Harvest
Country Toasted Muesli5.2917007.11.629.8508.9Heritage Mill
Strawberry and Yoghurt Muesli5.2916107.72.216.41810.2Heritage Mill
Fruit Full toasted Muesli5.29181013.44.420.8517.8Heritage Mill
Cranberry and Almond muesli9.98167011.61.86.4less than 58.7Just Organic
Toasted Muesli9.9816409.41.22388.1Just Organic
Cranberry and Almond Muesli9.98169013.12.112118.6Just organic
Toasted Muesli Clusters with Fruit pieces9.981780146.7211507.5Just organic
Organic muesli8.98159210.81.4614.211nsKialla Pure Foods
Apricot and Almond Natural Muesli5.99162010.12.316.53210.7Lowan
Swiss Natural muesli5.9915707.91.514.9169.6Lowan
Fruit and Nut Natural muesli5.9915708.52.215.13610.7Lowan
Tropical fruit5.99163010.12.515.8397.7Lowan
Original Harvest natural muesli5.99168012.41.94.367.1Lowan
Natural low Fat Muesli5.59 (A)1352.32.60.321.179.110Meriram
Gluten Free Muesli7.98 (A)169013.52.126.1258.2Meriram
Natural muesli5.32 (A)1618.414.1424.129.99.1Meriram
Fruity Natural Muesli5.32 (A)1511.
Gourmet Selection Free and Lo Muesli11.00 (A)9422.90.59.2183.5Monster Muesli
Hi fibre gourment selection7.13 (A)14707.51.216.23613Monster Muesli
Tropical gourment selection with mango and macadamia8.17 (A)14908.82.318.32810.3Monster Muesli
Sports gourmet selection muesli8.58 (A)15007.91.610.13210.8Monster Muesli
Gourmet Selection Free and Fruity Muesli13.10 (A)9752.80.518.7153.8Monster Muesli
Berry with cranberries, strawberries and blueberriesns15307.72.318186.9Monster Muesli
Natural Style Muesli Apricot and Almond6.1415207.31.717.72311.2Morning Sun
Natural Style Muesli Peach and Pecan6.14156092.415.82311.4Morning Sun
Fruit muesli 97% fat free6.3814301.80.316.43010.7Morning Sun
Sourdough Morpeth muesli deluxe, oven backed24.001833223.627.745nsMorpeth
Sourdough Morpeth muesli natural17.90161014.61.426.458nsMorpeth
Organic Natural Muesli8.84159210.81.4614.2117.4Nature First
Original Muesli Gluten free8.80 (A)166011.41.324.7156.9Nu-Vit
Low Fat Fruity Muesli Gluten Free8.00 (A)15002.50.543.31004.1Nu-Vit
Mega Protein Muesli6.80 (A)1580123.311.32111Nu-Vit
Fruit & Flakes Muesli Gluten Free9.80 (A)15906.51.135.31405.6Nu-Vit
Organic Natural Muesli8.65 (A)15206.31.119.716nsPureharvest
Toasted Muesli5.44183516.52.518.21658.3Purina
Organic bircher muesli17.50165012.31.512.98nsReal good food
Organic chocolate bircher muesli17.901700142.715.111nsReal good food
Organic gluten free bircher muesli18.9015908.50.8166nsReal good food
Organic fruit free muesli17.50179017.421.76nsReal good food
Organic berry bircher muesli21.7015408.51.214.79nsReal good food
Organic Toasted muesli18.42173512.31.31516nsReal good food
Organic natural cereal (muesli)17.50162012.21.51411nsReal good food
Organic gluten free natural muesli19.8915608.20.816.68nsReal good food
High Protein High Fibre Muesli16.0015069.31.96.611318Sandra Cabots
Muesli Berry and Yoghurt coated flakes9.98 (A)15905.51.720708Sanitarium
Muesli Fruit and Five Grains6.91 (A)15406.61.820.5898.6Sanitarium
Toasted Muesli Golden Oats and Fruit6.41 (A)183015.33.420.72779.5Sanitarium
Musli Fruit25.00152693.628.82006.7Schar
Bircher Muesli11.93167014.31.814.35011.1SF SuperFoods
Honey and Almond Muesli Clusters8.25 (A)185416.76.315.8184.96.3Simply Cereal
Muesli natural bircher style10.00 (A)1488.98.71.320.317.59Soland Health Foods
Muesli natural apricot and almond8.50 (A)1615.613. Health Foods
LSA Muesli8.70 (A)158012.6427.5308.8Soland Health Foods
Gluten Free Muesli14.60 (A)169013.52.126.1258.2Soland Health Foods
Muesli toasted oven baked9.50 (A)1718.815.64.729298.9Soland Health Foods
High protein muesli8.70 (A)1517.39.92.415.522.310.5Soland Health Foods
Natural low Fat Muesli8.95 (A)1439.52.50.524.975.69.5Soland Health Foods
Muesli Natural fruity8.50 (A)1549.48.42.933.744.58.1Soland Health Foods
Muesli natural8.50 (A)1660143.625.6308.9Soland Health Foods
Honey spice breakfast cereal18.00187021.44.720.3106.2Sonoma
Spelt maple and almond breakfast muesli22.00175714.21.624.296.8Sonoma
Natural Oats Original Muesli5.99166014.23.722268.9Sunsol
Toasted and Natural Oats Protein Muesli with Cinnamon Flavoured Oats9.5168011.92.6234511.9Sunsol
Toasted and Natural Oats Antioxidant Muesli with Strawberry Flavoured Oats9.51740143.720.91708.8Sunsol
Toasted and Natural oats Fibre Muesli with Vanilla Flavoured Oats9.5165010.23.429.418116.9Sunsol
Natural Oats Fruity Muesli5.9915508.12.830.2427.7Sunsol
Bircher style natural muesli7.85 (A)15008.51.22218.28.9Sunsol
Gluten free muesli11.58 (A)15002.50.543.31004.1Sunsol
Low fat natural muesli8.52 (A)1352.32.60.321.179.110Sunsol
Apple and Berry muesli Low Fat4.49 (700g)14102.80.524608.8Sunsol
Velvety vanilla muesli toasted and untoasted9.98160711.4423.6149.9Table of Plenty
Heavenly honey muesli toasted and untoasted9.9814587.61.520.31811Table of Plenty
Nicely nutty muesli fruit free mini clusters9.98174013.91.912.91210.7Table of Plenty
24.50229039.212.52.05629.1The Muesli
Gluten free39.00225037.410.23.1508The Muesli
Premium Muesli Full of fruit5.05 (A)15707.9223.85311.2The Muesli Company
Toasted muesli Wheat free6.13 (A)15708.61.725269The Muesli Company
Premium toasted muesli full of fruit5.60 (A)15508.41.725.4429The Muesli Company
Natural muesli wheat free6.13 (A)15508.51.922.72811.2The Muesli Company
Natural Style Muesli Original Swiss Blend6.7615306.81.217.72811.2Uncle Tobys
Premium Oven Crisp Muesli Fruit and Nut12.38 (A)175015.43.321208.5Vogel's
Mountain Muesli23.30188821.94.613.81111.2Whisk and Pin
Berry crunch muesli27.95219121.72.2111017.7Whisk and Pin
Gluten Free Muesli27.95178417.23.18.3611.1Whisk and Pin
Leura natural muesli23.30173314.32.55.2289.4Whisk and Pin
Organic muesli27.95163111.81.87514.3Whisk and Pin
Summer muesli23.951660124.110.95011.7Whisk and Pin
Bircher muesli23.3015578.21.510.4813.1Whisk and Pin
Traditional muesli2.7715807.51.79.86511.5Woolworths Homebrand
Fruit and Nut Muesli3.88166011.73.316359.1Woolworths Homebrand
Natural Toasted Muesli with Coconut7.20191021.54.523218.2Woolworths Macro
Natural fruity Muesli7.1215609.81.51848.3Woolworths Macro
Toasted muesli7.12183018.32.222.1207.9Woolworths Macro
Organic Raw Muesli with coconut8.70167014.85.51948.6Woolworths Macro
Organic Fruity Muesli9.9515309.31.222108.1Woolworths Macro
Natural Untoasted Muesli No added Fruit6.90179018.52.61.629.3Woolworths Macro
Raw Muesli with coconut6.60159010.73.511410.3Woolworths Macro
Fruit and Nut Muesli8.60172015.62.46.314612.7Woolworths Naytura
Berry Bircher Muesli9.22148071.426.8447.6Woolworths Select
Swiss Bircher Muesli9.22139050.835.3889.4Woolworths Select


Using the table 

  • Fat, saturated fat, sugars, sodium and fibre figures are taken from the nutrition information panel on the package.
  • Traffic light criteria are based on the latest nutrition recommendations and dietary guidelines established by government health experts in Australia and internationally.
  • Price per kg was supplied by the manufacturer.

Table notes

ns not stated

(A) Where not supplied by the manufacturer, price per kg is based on prices we paid in Sydney supermarkets and health food stores in May 2011.

If you’re not concerned about any one nutritional criteria but just want a good nutritious all-rounder, the 20 mueslis in this table hit the spot. They’re all high in fibre, low in sodium, and for mueslis, contain less than average sugar and fat, and less than 5% saturated fat.


Adults should be eating about 30g of fibre a day, and a high-fibre breakfast cereal is a good starting point. The fibre content of the mueslis we reviewed ranges from 3.5% to 18%, with an average just shy of 10%.

The eight in this table contain at least 15% — that’s 7.5g of fibre in an average 50g serve of muesli — which would provide a good kickstart to your day’s fibre intake.



Tips for choosing higher fibre

• Check the NIP for muesli with 10% (10g per 100g) or more fibre.
• Don’t rely solely on claims like ‘good source of fibre’ or ‘high in fibre’ — many mueslis with above average fibre are claim free.

Out of the 159 mueslis we tested, 11 meet the definition for low sugar (no more than 5% sugar), and the six in this table contain the least (2% sugar or less) — far less than the average of 18%. This is because they contain no added sugars and minimal or no dried fruit.

While providing many valuable nutrients, dried fruit is also a concentrated form of sugar, so muesli can be full of sugar without it being listed as an ingredient. For example The Muesli Company Premium Toasted Muesli Full of Fruit carries a “no added sugar” claim, but it’s still 25% sugar, thanks to its dried fruit content. Morpeth Sourdough Morpeth Muesli Deluxe may live up to its “no added cane sugar” claim but its dried fruit content along with its honey (sugar, just in another form) result in a product that’s almost 28% sugar. And Sunsol Gluten Free Muesli and Nu-Vit Low Fat Fruity Muesli Gluten Free, both with 43.3% sugars, are more sugary than Kellogg’s Coco Pops - although their sugars are (for the most part) from dried fruit and not just added sugars. 



Tips for choosing lower sugar

• Check the ingredients list for added sugar. It can be disguised as honey, maple syrup, golden syrup or glucose, for example.
• Watch out for dried fruit in the top three ingredients.

Mueslis are intrinsically higher in fat than other cereals, but the fat is often from oats, seeds or nuts, so it’s the “good” unsaturated type (and you get the valuable nutrients that are found naturally in these ingredients). Boutique muesli brand The Muesli is an extreme example both of its products are over 37% fat and yet its only ingredients are oats, nuts, seeds and coconut. Limiting your serving size of the mueslis that are high in these "good" fats can help reduce the amount of fat (and therefore kilojoules) you consume.

If you’re trying to avoid fat of any kind, some mueslis contain next to none. Out of the 159 we tested, only 10 mueslis meet Australian food regulator FSANZ’s definition of low fat (no more than 3% fat), and the four mueslis in this table contain the least (2.5% or less).

However, what low-fat mueslis lack in fat they tend to make up for in sugar. Three of these also contain more than 24% sugar, higher than the average sugar content for muesli (12%) and Morning Sun Fruit Muesli is the only muesli in our list not to contain added sugar.



Tips for choosing lower fat

• Check the nutrition information panel (NIP). Less than 12% fat (12g fat per 100g) is better than average for muesli. For really low fat muesli look for ones with 3% fat or less.
• The type of fat is also important. Again, check the NIP the lower the ratio of saturated fat to total fat the better. The ingredients list tells you whether the fat comes mainly from nuts and seeds (unsaturated fat) or added fat, depending on which is listed higher up. Where added fat is listed as ‘vegetable oil’, it could be from coconut oil, which is a saturated fat, or ‘hardened’ vegetable oil, which can contain trans fat as bad for us as saturated fat.

The most common nuts we found in the mueslis we reviewed are almonds (in 57% of mueslis) and hazelnuts (10%). Sunflower seeds (you'll be eating them in 72% of the mueslis in our test), pumpkin seeds (42%), linseed (28%) and sesame seeds (26%) are the most prevalent seeds.

With at least six different nuts and seeds listed as ingredients, the five mueslis in the table come top for variety. The more rare — and for some people more desirable — nuts were cashews and pistachios.


Nuts and seeds




The fruits of choice for muesli manufacturers are sultanas (found in 72% of mueslis), apricots (52%), pawpaw (36%), coconut and currants (both 33%), apple (31%), pineapple (29%) and raisins (27%).

With nine or more different fruits appearing on the ingredients list, the seven mueslis in the table come top for variety.



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