Liquid breakfasts

The number of on-the-go breakfast drinks is growing, but is convenience trumping nutrition?
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02.A sugary start


All the drinks we reviewed include added sugars, with 21 of 23 containing levels per 100g that we classify as being moderate in sugars for a food product.

While lactose, a type of sugar, occurs naturally in milk, it’s the added sugars at the top of the ingredient lists that are of concern.

Ten drinks have more than 23g of sugars per serve, roughly the same as a regular chocolate bar. Naturally occurring sugars in a cup of full-cream milk are around 12g.

Corn syrup solids, which are present in Sanitarium Up&Go and Up&Go Energize, are a sweet sugar substitute made by treating cornflour with acids or enzymes. They offer little nutritional value – just empty kilojoules – and may even have a negative impact for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. 


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