Liquid breakfasts

The number of on-the-go breakfast drinks is growing, but is convenience trumping nutrition?
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04.Product claims

Devondale Fast Start Devondale-fast-start
  • Its claim to contain the equivalent protein and fibre of a tub of unsweetened yoghurt and a banana is accurate.
  • Sugar is the second ingredient in all three flavours.
  • Claims to be “high in fibre” and contain “goodness of three grains” despite having just 1.6% fibre.


 Kellogg’s breakfast drinks Kelloggs-breakfast-drinks

  • Claim to be high in protein but falls short of what the new 2016 standard will require (10g per serve).
  • Fibre levels are very low – less than two per cent – despite the “high in fibre” claim.



Vitasoy VitaGo Vitasoy-VitaGo

  • Claims to use oats and barley for “high” fibre, but the oats and barley content makes up as little as 1.6% of total ingredients.
  • Claims to be “high in protein” but fails to meet the required 10g per serve for the 2016 standard.


Aldi Goldenvale Quick Start Aldi-Goldenvale-Quick-Start

  • Banana-flavoured product has no real banana.
  • Sugar is the third ingredient in all three flavours.
  • “High in fibre” claim, but has just over two per cent fibre.




Dairy Farmers Oats Express Dairy-Farmers-Oats-Express

  • Banana-honey flavour uses image of fresh banana, yet contains no real banana - just banana “extract”.
  • Has a particularly flimsy fibre content of just 1.2%.



Sanitarium Up&Go Sanitarium-Up-and-Go

  • Biggest range: choice of regular Up&Go, protein-enhanced Energize and “naturally” sweetened Vive.
  • Fibre content low (maximum of 1.6%), but makes “high in fibre” claim.
  • Strawberry drink contains no strawberries and is coloured with fermented red rice.

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