Jams vs fruit spreads review and compare

In the battle between jam and fruit spreads, CHOICE taste testers discover true value.
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  • Updated:20 May 2009

03.Product profiles

Budget Best Buy

Black & Gold Strawberry Jam

Price $0.49 / 100gBlack and Gold strawberry jam

Energy 1114 kJ / 100g

Strawberry content 40%

One of the top-tasting jams, but only a quarter the price of the most expensive. Made with 40% strawberries, it was given the thumbs up by most of our tasters as fruity and sweet.

Dieter's special

Cottee’s Delightful Strawberry Spread

Price $1.05 / 100gCottee's delightful strawberry jam

Energy 600 kJ / 100g

Strawberry content 50%

One for the kilojoule-conscious jam lover. Our tasters liked it as much as others with twice the kilojoules. Cottee’s achieves this by using 50% strawberry (some of it as juice) and cutting the added sugar. Clever use of thickeners and a dash of preservative do the rest.

Packed with strawberries

Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Organic Strawberry Reduced Sugar Jam

Price $2.06 / 100gWilkin and sons Tiptree organic strawberry reduced sugar jam

Energy 850 kJ / 100g

Strawberry content 65%

It’s by far the most expensive on test, but is also certified organic and made with an impressive 65% strawberries. While it’s reduced in sugar compared with regular Wilkin & Sons products, there are many lower-sugar spreads in our test without the reduced-sugar claim.


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