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While nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a box of chocolates, our survey of over 300 members found most chocolate lovers have their definite favourites. There are even clear trends between the sexes. Though we hate to put a downer on Valentine's Day, there is a lesser known poisonous side to flowers that should be considered. The cut flower industry is a heavy user of pesticides so you may be gifting more than just a bunch of blooms.

We surveyed over 300 CHOICE members about their chocolate habits and favourite boxed varieties to help you select the best brands and flavours.

What to Buy


Ferrero Rocher Ferrero Rocher 30pk 375g
Price: $14.69


lindt-resize Lindt Lindor Balls Gift Box Assorted 235g
Price: $16.98



Not one respondent said they disliked chocolate, with over 53% eating it at least once a week and 18% claiming to eat it every day. The majority reported feeling happy or satisfied after eating it – so you could say you are giving the gift of happiness. Only 13% reported feeling guilty.

Most trusted brands

Not sure which brand to buy? Lindt is a clear favourite amongst members, gaining 42% of the vote, followed by Cadbury, Ferrero and Haigh’s. When it comes to specific products the old favourites still ring true, with Lindt Lindor balls preferred well above the rest, followed by Ferrero Rochers - both readily available at the supermarket.

Flavours and fillings

Dark chocolate is a winner with men, while women’s preferences are divided almost evenly between dark and milk. Only 6% say they prefer white chocolate, so only opt for this if you know your Valentine is a fan.

Stumped for the flavour or filling? Hazelnut, peppermint cream and smooth caramel are the top three flavours among respondents. It’s best to avoid marzipan and aniseed, which are the least preferred. However if you are a fan and your significant other isn’t, it might be worth sticking around: 78% of respondents said if they didn’t like a flavour they would either offer it to a friend or family member, or put it back in the box – so you may get to share in the spoils.

On the other hand, if you live with your Valentine you may miss out. Thirty six percent of respondents admitted to hiding chocolates from other household members.



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