Independent and trusted reviews, tests and investigations of everyday food and drink products, including snacks, breakfast cereals, low-fat desserts, and wine.


Food in focus: pumpkin

If you're buying a whole pumpkin, look for one which is heavy for its size, with firm skin.

16 Mar 2007 | Pumpkins are generally available all year around, but are particularly associated with Autumn and Winter.


Food in focus: walnuts

A handful to munch or in a recipe, walnuts are heart-healthy.

28 Feb 2007 | The Australian walnut crop is growing – so you will find walnuts from Tasmania, Victoria and parts of NSW and South Australia.


Pasta sauces

Ready-made pasta sauces are quick and easy to prepare but our expert tasters were unimpressed.

4 Jun 2006 | We served 14 big-name pasta sauces to three food experts and asked for their verdict. They weren’t enthusiastic about any of them.


Supermarket brands

Coles and Woolworths have launched new ‘private label’ ranges.

4 Mar 2006 | Coles and Woolworths have recently launched new ‘private label’ (aka house brand) ranges, and announced plans to increase the number of these lines in stores. Judging by the experience of retailers overseas, it’s a smart move.


Designer salt

It can look beautiful and taste a little different — but designer salt is still about 99% sodium chloride.

5 Feb 2006 | All the celebrity chefs have their favourites: Jamie’s is Maldon salt; Maeve O’Meara say Australian sea salt is “as good as you can get”.


Muesli bar reviews

Grabbing a quick muesli or muffin bar may not be the healthy fix you’re after.

9 Jan 2006 | Cereal bars, muesli bars and breakfast bars may have a healthy image but most of them are more than 20% sugar, and some deliver more saturated fat than a packet of chips.


Butter and margarine review

We check out over 90 spreads and dairy blends, and pick the healthier options.

1 Jan 2005 | Margarine’s now a "spread" and butter can come from the fridge soft enough to spread on your toast. But which is the healthiest?

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