Independent and trusted reviews, tests and investigations of everyday food and drink products, including snacks, breakfast cereals, low-fat desserts, and wine.


Fresh food tricks

We reveal the tricks producers and supermarkets use to keep food looking fresh.

30 Nov 2010 | Can you call apples that are nine months old truly fresh?


Steak review

Our experts find it's not where you buy your steak that's important. It's knowing what to look for.

22 Nov 2010 | CHOICE puts cuts of steak from Aldi, Coles and Woolworths before a panel of experts to see how they compare with the same cuts from a budget and premium butcher.


Mixed nuts

Crack the secret of finding the healthiest nut mixes.

18 Nov 2010 | Not all nuts are equal when it comes to nutrition. CHOICE explains what makes them good for us.


Cheese reviews

How does a supermarket camembert stack up against one from your local deli?

5 Nov 2010 | CHOICE compares and reviews a range of bries, blues, camemberts and cheddars to find out which brands impress.


Battle of the brands

How do the supermarket brands compare with the market leaders for taste, nutrition and value for money?

7 Sep 2010 | CHOICE purchased a total of 163 supemarket products, across 30 different popular food items, and put them to the test.

Cooking oils

Choosing the right cooking oil

With such a range of cooking oils on supermarket shelves, which are better for what purpose?

9 Aug 2010 | Not all oils are equal. We tell you the right ones to use for the cooking purpose in mind.

Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil reviews

Is what you buy the real deal?

22 Jun 2010 | There’s currently no mandatory standard for extra virgin olive oil sold in Australia. CHOICE testing of 28 brands found you can't always trust an oil labelled "extra virgin" is the real deal.

meat pies

The truth about meat pies

Very few meat pies are tasty or packed with meat, while the majority are a very unappetising prospect.

18 May 2010 | The Australian food standards authority stipulates meat pies must contain a minimum of 25% "meat flesh". But not all do.


Multigrain bread reviews

Multigrain breads can be top scorers for taste and texture, and rate well nutritionally.

6 May 2010 | We size up the main varieties you'll find at your supermarket.

Pizzas test

Pizza reviews

We reveal which brands and chains offer the healthiest and tastiest options.

15 Mar 2010 | CHOICE compared more than 190 brands and flavours of pizza available nationally from supermarkets (chilled or frozen) or from takeaway chains. We found some big differences in nutritional value – and in value for money.

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