Independent and trusted reviews, tests and investigations of everyday food and drink products, including snacks, breakfast cereals, low-fat desserts, and wine.

image of fish fingers piled up in a bowl

Frozen fish product reviews

We trawl the supermarket freezers to find your best frozen fish options.

21 Mar 2012 | We review over 100 frozen fish products, including uncoated, seasoned, battered and crumbed varieties to uncover your best options.


Salad dressing reviews

If you have the basics, making your own salad dressing can be quick and easy.

1 Feb 2012 | CHOICE reviews prepared French, Italian and Caesar salad dressings for nutrition and taste.

low fat dessert LEAD image

Low-fat dessert reviews

Read nutrition labels carefully - a 'low-fat' claim doesn't mean it's healthy.

6 Oct 2011 | CHOICE reviews a range of desserts marketed with low-fat labelling from the fridge and freezer section of supermarkets.

Bowl of muesli

Muesli reviews

We reviewed 159 mueslis to find the best ones for you, whatever your preferences.

17 Aug 2011 | CHOICE reviews 159 mueslis from supermarkets and health food stores to find those that meet our criteria for lowest fat, lowest sugar, highest fibre and more.


Savoury snacks

Beware savoury snacks full of salt and saturated fat.

13 May 2011 | CHOICE looks at which savoury snacks are the healthier options as well as those best avoided.

meat substitutes

Meat substitutes

We found many vegetarian meat substitutes are alarmingly high in salt - and taste bland.

11 Apr 2011 | CHOICE put a handful of vegetarian meat substitutes to the test, rating both nutritional value and taste.


Hot cross buns

One a penny, two a penny… we test a range of hot cross buns to find out which brand comes out on top.

6 Apr 2011 | Our tasters gave us their verdict on fruit, fruit-free and choc chip varieties.


Sweet snacks

Beware processed snacks that are loaded with sugar and bad fats.

25 Feb 2011 | We tell you which shelf-stable sweet snacks are worth throwing into your glove box or office drawer, and which should be avoided.


Valentine's gift guide

Why not woo with the classics this Valentine's Day?

11 Feb 2011 | CHOICE gives you the lowdown on two Valentine's classics: chocolates and flowers.


Ice-cream reviews

Creamy, premium or low-fat: which vanilla ice-cream suits your taste?

31 Jan 2011 | CHOICE puts our members and staff to the test to find out which vanilla ice-creams taste the best.

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