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Hot chocolate now promises all manner of sensual delights.
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  • Updated:27 May 2008


Women in hat and scarf drinking hot chocolate

In brief

  • The brands our Home Testers liked best have plenty of sugar and kilojoules — and you make them up with milk.
  • 'Diet' versions with artificial sweeteners and made up with water instead of milk weren't rated as highly.

Montezuma, the 16th century ruler of the Aztec empire, is said to have fortified himself by drinking chocolate before visiting his harem. And, according to recent research, chocolate causes a more intense and longer-lasting buzz than kissing.Nestle double blend label

Marketers have also made the connection. On the shelves in your local supermarket you’ll find brands of hot chocolate such as Indulge Your Senses with hot lips on the label and Nestlé Double Blend, whose label seductively suggests:

"You know you want me. You want to hold me. You want to have me to yourself ...”

So who’d have thought that hot chocolate was once a temperance beverage promoted by Quakers John Cadbury and Joseph Rowntree for religious and humanitarian reasons?

Whatever the motivation, most of us enjoy hot chocolate, so CHOICE decided to find out which brand tastes best. To help separate the delicious from the dreary, we called on our enthusiastic army of Home Testers. 

Please note: this information was current as of May 2008 but is still a useful guide today.

Brands tested

  • Abundant Earth Organic
  • Cadbury Drinking Chocolate
  • Cadbury Highlights
  • Dick Smith's OzeChoc
  • Funtime Milk Flavouring Chocolate
  • Home Brand Drinking Chocolate
  • Indulge Your Senses Milk Drinking Chocolate
  • Jarrah Choc o'Lait
  • Jarrah Chocolatte
  • Jarrah Extreme Choc Flavour Chocolatte
  • Jarrah Milk Belgian Chocolatte
  • Nestle Alpen Blend
  • Nestle Double Blend
  • Nestle Heaven
  • Nestle Nesquick Chocolate
  • Vittoria Original Chocochino
  • Weightwatchers Drinking Chocolate
  • While's Shots Chocolate


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