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Coffee hit

Ground coffee reviews

05 Dec 2009 | CHOICE asked three experts to rate 14 popular brands of ground coffee to find out which offer the best value. We uncover pointers for picking a winner.   More »

Running water

Water filters: do you need one?

19 Oct 2008 | Filtering the water at the tap is one way of removing the taste of additives. CHOICE looks at the pros and cons of purchasing a water filter.   More »

Breakfast cereal

Breakfast cereal reviews

04 Oct 2012 | We look beyond the names and claims to uncover the breakfast cereals that provide the most nutritious start to your day.  More »

Glasses of milk

Milk products review

10 Sep 2009 | CHOICE has skimmed off the marketing hype and found that generic brands of milk are much the same as the equivalent big national brands.   More »

plates of food

Food additives you should avoid

02 May 2008 | We look at the latest research into additives that health questions have been raised about - and give CHOICE’s verdict on which ones you’d do best to avoid.  More »

bag of groceries

Supermarket price survey 2009

26 Nov 2009 | Two years on from our last survey, CHOICE hit the supermarket aisles with a shopping list of staples. We found grocery prices have risen against a background of little competition.  More »


Plastics and food

07 Jan 2010 | There’s a growing body of scientific evidence that suggests some plastics are not as safe as we're led to believe.  More »


Sparkling wine and champagne reviews

19 Dec 2012 | CHOICE's wine experts tested 60 of the best-selling sparkling wines, including champagne. Some of the best buys cost under $10.  More »


Stock reviews

08 Oct 2009 | CHOICE looks at 25 stocks – liquid, cubes and powders – and highlights the ones that are most like homemade, the ones with the least salt and the ones we believe represent the best value.   More »

Bowl of muesli

Muesli reviews

17 Aug 2011 | CHOICE reviews 159 mueslis from supermarkets and health food stores to find those that meet our criteria for lowest fat, lowest sugar, highest fibre and more.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

Hot cross buns reviews

Hot cross buns on test

14 Apr 2014 | Using an expert judge and some enthusiastic taste testers, CHOICE put nine varieties of traditional fruit hot cross buns to the test.  More »

Which craft beers are home brewed

Who owns your beer?

26 Jan 2014 | Large breweries and industry companies using a cottage industry image to take over the craft beer market in Australia.  More »


Free range eggs

26 Mar 2014 | If you’re buying free range eggs because you believe in animal welfare, the brands in the big supermarkets may not be meeting your expectations.   More »

best chocolate brands dark block

Best chocolate brands

14 Apr 2014 | Our latest chocolate taste test includes 11 milk and 13 dark chocolate brands. Find out if our experts taste testers agreed with the people's choice.  More »

Are you falling for free-range porkies?

Free range pork and turkey

06 Dec 2013 | Producers and retailers are free to make their own decisions about free-range labelling, making it hard for consumers to know just how "free range" their ham, pork, bacon and turkey really is.  More »

coconut oil in bottle

Is coconut oil healthy?

23 Feb 2014 | Coconut oil is being hailed as the next big thing. CHOICE finds out what the experts have to say about this year’s latest food trend.  More »

Are organic fruits and vegetables free of pesticides?

Pesticide residue in fruit and vegetables

25 Mar 2014 | Is it worth spending more on pesticide-free fruit and vegetables? We tested conventional and organic grapes to find out.  More »

pizza slice

Best and worst frozen pizzas

21 Jan 2014 | CHOICE reviews 50 frozen pizzas and finds that an enticing gourmet image is no guarantee of superior taste or a healthier meal.  More »

healthy takeaways

Healthier takeaway food

04 Feb 2014 | Australia's love affair with takeaway is adding more salt, sugar and saturated fat to our diet. CHOICE looks at how you can keep trim without sacrificing the convenience of a Chinese, Thai or Indian takeaway.   More »


Junk food advertising to kids

25 Nov 2013 | Around the globe, governments and communities are grappling with the social, financial and health costs of overweight and obese populations. Is restricting junk food advertising to kids part of the solution?   More »

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