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  • Updated:5 Dec 2005

05.Can you sniff your way thin?

SLIMIST is a new product which hit the shelves last year, with great word-of-mouth promotions. Oprah Winfrey gave it good publicity on her show when she told its inventor Dr Alan Hirsch, “Give me a bottle, now!”

It's an oral spray containing HCA (Garcinia quaesita) and chromium nicotinate as well as a form of the amino acid carnitine, which we haven’t reviewed. The spray format is claimed to deliver the ingredients quickly to the bloodstream.

It also has three ‘scentsifiers’ — small tubes of apple, banana and mint fragrances that you can sniff throughout the day when you’re feeling tempted to eat. The smells are supposed to send a message to your brain that your hunger is satisfied. And much is made in the promotional literature of a study of 3193 people.

The study is published, but it isn’t reported in enough detail to allow thorough analysis of the findings. Although some of the participants lost five pounds over six months (only about 2.25 kg, or less than 100 grams a week), it’s not clear how many were even this successful.

Not only isn’t the study good evidence that the product causes weight loss, it doesn’t look at the whole SLIMIST program — oral spray and inhalants. We’d think much better evidence is needed before you rush out to spend $60 on it.

This article last reviewed December 2005

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