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CHOICE reveals the pressure tactics gyms use to lock you into their contracts.
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  • Updated:29 Apr 2009

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How to exit your gym membership

If you’ve decided to “break up” with your gym but you’re finding it difficult to get the message through to your club, you’re probably not alone. Our investigation has found that some gyms use tricky tactics to keep you locked into contracts, even after the minimum term has expired (see, Tales from the Fitness Frontlines).

CHOICE has checked out Fitness First’s customer contract. At our request the Consumer Action Law Centre has provided a cancellation letter that allows you to end your relationship with Fitness First legally, and with no fuss. If you’ve decided you want to leave, here’s what to do:

Step 1. Check if your minimum term has expired.

You would have signed a contract with either a 1 month or 12 month minimum period. Breaking the contract before the minimum period ends can land you with hefty penalties. If you have exceptional circumstances, such as illness, contact Fitness First.

Step 2. Complete the Fitness First Cancellation Letter.

  • If the minimum period has already ended, use the Cancellation letter (Word). Simply fill in the details and post it or deliver by hand to your gym.
  • If the minimum period isn’t yet over but you’d like to cancel the contract at the immediate conclusion of the minimum period, use the future cancellation letter (Word).

Download the contact details of all Fitness First gyms (PDF).

Step 3. Cancel your direct debit arrangement.

The standard letter requests that Fitness First terminates your authorisation to direct debit your account. However, it’s also a good idea to contact your bank, credit union or credit card scheme directly to cancel the direct debit yourself.


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