Surfboards - epoxy or fibreglass?

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  • Updated:10 Dec 2007

05.Trialists favourites

Except for duck diving, the epoxy boards scored the same or better than the older 'fibreglass' style boards, although in most cases the difference was only slight.
While all of our user trialists referred to the added buoyancy of the epoxy boards, there was no overriding preference for one particular size or material across all our trialists.

Jye - Ex-World Title Competitor

  • 6’1” boards: "Fast reactions and easy to paddle."
  • 7’ boards: "The epoxy was harder to duck dive although I got used to it and was working well through the flat sections. But I’d probably lean more towards the polyester board."
  • 8’ boards: "The epoxy floated and paddled really easy but was harder to duck dive. I’d go with the fibreglass board as the epoxy was just a little too thick around the rails."
  • 9’6” boards: "Nose ride on the epoxy was very good, bit more responsive and a lot easier to get used to."

Favourite boards

  • 6’1” epoxy
  • 7’ and 8’ boards in fibreglass
  • 9’6” epoxy

Dan - Australasia Pro Junior Series competitor

  • 6’1” boards: "The epoxy was easier to paddle and better getting through the back sections of the wave."
  • 7’ boards: "The epoxy was easy to paddle."
  • 8’ boards: "Great fun on points with the fibreglass.
  • 9’6” boards: "The fibreglass was a lot more tanky (heavier) than the epoxy."

Favourite boards

  • Most fun: 8’ fibreglass
  • Easiest to paddle: 7’ epoxy
  • Best performance board: 6’1” epoxy

Tony - Surfschool teacher

  • 6’1” boards: "A little faster (epoxy) maybe too much buoyancy for my weight but it was very fast."
  • 8’ boards: "The epoxy was lots of fun, paddles very well and maneuvers very well but in the fat sections can get bogged down."
  • 9’6” boards: "Definitely go with the epoxy board as it keeps the speed up no matter where you are on the board."

Favourite board

  • 9’6” epoxy

Tess - Seven years surfing experience

  • 6’1” boards: "More slippery on the wave as the epoxy is more buoyant and sits up a bit higher. I’d probably stick with the fibreglass."
  • 8’ boards: "I’d stick with the epoxy although it’s not very fast, overall there didn’t seem to be a big difference on the wave but the epoxy felt lighter and easier to use."
  • 9’6” boards: "I’m into the extremes and loved the epoxy big mal."

Favourite board

  • 6’1” fibreglass and 9’6” epoxy board

Rhys - Recreational surfer

  • 8’ boards: "Of the 8’ boards, I found the fibreglass board gave me more control."
  • 9.6’ boards: "I really enjoyed the epoxy 9’6” board as it felt a lot lighter than the fibreglass board not as heavy in the turns."

Favourite board

  • 8’ fibreglass

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