Surfboards - epoxy or fibreglass?

Find out which is best with CHOICE’s round up of the latest surfboard options.
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  • Updated:10 Dec 2007

06.Surfing tips

No matter how good your new board is, if you don’t know how to use it properly you’ll never enjoy the experience to its fullest. Also, a sound knowledge of the ocean environment and how to recognize shifts in the surrounding weather patterns is crucial to ensure that you don’t become another tragic statistic.

If you’ve ever wanted to be at one with the wave, now is a great time to learn to surf by joining on of the many surf schools available around Australia. The lessons learned will not only help you get up and away more effectively, you will also learn a greater appreciation of the power of the sea and how to recognize what to do in various situations.

Surfing Australia ( provides information on your nearest surfing school in each state or you can visit your local surf lifesaving club for more information on local schools.

Other surfboard options

Although not considered on par with fibreglass boards when it comes to performance on the wave, a soft-top board can be great fun to learn on while still being able satisfy surfers as they become more experienced. The soft-top was designed to fill the gap between sponge boards or coolites (which offer safety but lack performance) and fibreglass boards (which offer performance with little safety and poor durability).

Unwritten laws

Learning how to co exist out in the surf can often be as important as learning to stand up on a surfboard, with several 'codes' to adhere to if you want to ensure a trouble free day at the beach. Rules such as giving way to the person on your inside (on your left if you are going right on a wave and your right if you are going left) will keep potential conflict to a minimum.

Also, if the person has 'My Brother’s Keeper' tattooed across his chest, let him have the wave no matter what the circumstance...


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