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Treadmills buying guide

Like to exercise in private rather than in a gym? A treadmill could be for you.
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Price-point comparison of four treadmills from $500 to $3000

We all know we need to exercise, but few of us have the time, or the motivation to fit it into our lives. That's where the home treadmill comes in.

The most popular form of home exercise equipment, a treadmill is a motorised moving belt on which you run or walk. On cheaper models, you push a button to increase speed and measure distance. More expensive treadmills have a computer with various workout programs.

They're not cheap and many, purchased with the best of intentions, end up in the garage, never to be used again. So if you want to get your money's worth and achieve your fitness aims, it's vital to buy one you're actually going to use. Trouble is, there's a mind-boggling array available and they don't offer the same features.

In this buying guide, we illustrate the kind of treadmill package you'll get at four different price points: $500, $1300, $2300 and $3000.

We selected three treadmills from a well-known brand, Avanti, and one budget model from Weslo, then asked ergonomics expert Dr Aron Murphy and Olympic athlete Jane Flemming to put them through their paces. We also looked at each machine feature by feature, to see what you get for your money.

Treadmills compared

  • # Weslo Cadence A45
  • Avanti G-Fit 100
  • Avanti G-Fit 300
  • # Avanti X-Fit 2

# These models are discontinued. The Avanti X-Fit 2 has been replaced by the Avanti XFit 209.

News flash!

To help reduce the number of injuries caused to children by moving treadmills, the NSW Government has introduced a new safety standard requiring all new treadmills to carry a prominent warning sticker to alert treadmill users to keep children away when the treadmills are in use. This will take effect from June 1 2009. See the Office of Fair Trading website for more info.

Video: What to look for - Treadmills

We speak to the experts to find out what your next treadmill should be like.

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