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Independent and trusted reviews and tests of exercise equipment, including information about treadmills, swimming gear, and home gym equipment.

snowboarding wristguard

Snowboarding wristguards review and compare

There's strong evidence that wristguards prevent fractures.

26 Jun 2007 | International studies show that 25 percent of all snowboard injuries affect the wrist, and that 70 percent of wrist injuries are fractures.


Junior cricket bats

Don't get caught out buying the wrong bat.

23 Dec 2006 | Generally, the better the bat, the more you pay for it. But some are much better value for money than others.

Woman on treadmill

Home fitness equipment

Exercise equipment can be fun at first, but what does it take to keep you happy, hooked and healthy?

5 Sep 2005 | We asked readers who own exercise bikes, treadmills and elliptical trainers what makes for a good or bad purchase decision.

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When trying to choose an effective anti-perspirant, which label information is most important to you:

The percentage of active ingredient (aluminium)
The names (but not amounts) of all the ingredients in the product
Both of the above
Don't care, as long as it smells nice
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