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Body fat scales reviews

10 Dec 2009 | We tested 12 bathroom scales that measure body fat percentage as well as weight. But can they make you appear healthier than you really are?   More »

Goggles on trial

Swimming goggles

30 Nov 2009 | We reviewed 17 goggles priced between $3 and $50, selected from the major brands. See our top 10 buys and the technical advances worth paying for.  More »

Woman doing exercise

Common exercise myths busted

17 Feb 2015 | There are many myths about exercise — fictions which are endlessly perpetuated and validated through sheer repetition.   More »

Running shoe cross-section

Running shoes buying guide

10 Mar 2008 | Choosing the right pair of running shoes can be a frustrating (and expensive) task. CHOICE discovered even professional runners can find the experience overwhelming.   More »

Gastric banding

Gastric banding

19 Jan 2010 | Gastric banding is promoted as a safe, easy and effective way for obese people to lose weight. CHOICE investigates the claims.   More »


Home gym on a shoestring

25 Nov 2009 | Think you need lots of space and money to set up an effective home gym? CHOICE's shopping list of equipment comes in at about $100.   More »

On the treadmill

Treadmills buying guide

03 Sep 2010 | We all know we need to exercise, but few of us have the time, or the motivation to fit it into our lives. That's where the home treadmill comes in.  More »

Diet plan

Pharmacy diet plans

20 Jan 2009 | Pharmacy diet plans may help to shed extra kilos quickly, but most fail to deal effectively with the complex broader issues around weight loss.   More »

Woman on treadmill

Home fitness equipment

05 Sep 2005 | We asked readers who own exercise bikes, treadmills and elliptical trainers what makes for a good or bad purchase decision.  More »


Heart rate monitor reviews

12 Nov 2009 | Choice tested 19 heart rate monitors for ease of use and performance, priced between $30 and $399.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

Woman doing exercise

Common exercise myths busted

17 Feb 2015 | There are many myths about exercise — fictions which are endlessly perpetuated and validated through sheer repetition.   More »


Isagenix under the microscope

29 Jan 2015 | It's the program that promises to help you lose weight and make money, but is Isagenix all it's cracked up to be?   More »


Gym contracts − what to look out for

09 Feb 2015 | Gym contracts are easy to sign, but can be difficult to cancel. We outline the tricky terms and conditions to watch out for.  More »

fitness trackers lead

Fitness trackers review

29 Oct 2014 | Looking for the perfect companion to help you to keep to your fitness goals? We've put the latest fitness bands from Fitbit, Jawbone, Samsung and more through their paces.  More »

Woman demonstrating Total Gym XLS

Home exercise equipment review

19 Aug 2014 | CHOICE reviews exercise equipment advertised on TV, including Pilates Power Gym, Total Gym XLS, Ab Coaster and more. Experts rate how useful, safe and fun they are.  More »


Do diet detox products work?

09 Apr 2014 | We ask the experts just how well diet detox products work when it comes to removing toxins and getting healthy.  More »

Get fit and lose weight with apps and gadgets

How to get fit and lose weight with apps and gadgets

05 Mar 2014 | Will a shiny new wearable fitness tracker or smartphone app help keep you on track with your health goals?   More »

The Davies family tries out five fitness watches

Fitness watches home test

19 Feb 2014 | The very athletic Davies family give us a rundown on a Garmin Forerunner, Magellan Switch, Polar and Tom Tom multi-sport fitness watches.  More »

Online diet programs: woman exercising

Online diet programs

02 Oct 2013 | CHOICE compares five popular online weight loss programs: the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation, the Biggest Loser Club, SureSlim, Weight Watchers, and the Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge.  More »


First look: Golfsense 3D golf sensor

04 Sep 2013 | See your golf swing on your smart device as well as speed, tempo and angle information to help find out what to fix and what to keep for a more repeatable swing.  More »

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