Mascarpone, date and pomegranate cream

The perfect addition to sweet biscuits or fruit salad.

25 Jan 2011 | Add a burst of flavour to sweet desserts.


Butterscotch banana pancakes

What a treat

4 Nov 2010 | The butterscotch banana topping adds something special to your ordinary pancake


Blood orange pistachio cake

Indulge in this deliciously sweet cake

4 Nov 2010 | Bake up a treat using blood oranges and pistachios


Passionfruit sponge

CHOICE recipe for Passionfruit sponge

13 Aug 2010 | A sweet cake made with sponge, passionfruit and icing sugar.


Pineapple and passion fruit cheesecake

One more indulgence to warm the winter blues.

5 Jul 2010 | A tasty cheesecake using pineapple and passionfruit - this recipe is enough for two, so you can pop one in the freezer for later.

CHOICE recipe sponge cake

Sponge cake

This sponge cake recipe can be adapted to many different desserts.

1 Jul 2010 |

CHOICE recipe pavlova


A tasty dessert topped with a mixture of fresh fruits

24 Jun 2010 | Our national dessert, with coming back for more results .

CHOICE recipe passionfruit butter

Passionfruit butter

CHOICE recipe for passionfruit butter

24 Jun 2010 | A great accompaniment to scones, sponge cake or as a spread on toast.

CHOICE recipe vanilla honey cream

Vanilla honey cream

A great addition to add with strawberries or scones

24 Jun 2010 | Simple to make, this can make a perfect dessert even better

meringue recipes

Meringue Recipe

CHOICE recipe for Meringues

8 Jun 2010 | The base for pavlova and many other recipes

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