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Wax on, wax off? What type of hair removal product is the easiest and best to use?
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  • Updated:2 May 2007

06.Wax strips

Wax hair removal stripsWax strips are a lot more convenient than pot waxes — you simply pull off the backing strip and (in most cases) warm it between your hands, lay it on the skin and then rip it off, removing the hair with it. The strips come in different sizes for use on different areas of the body.

Our testers found that for lower-leg hair removal, strip waxes aren’t an effective option. They received a score of only 60% overall for effectiveness. They were also found to be the most painful form of hair removal, slightly higher than epilators in the pain stakes.

But some were better than others. Trialists said that the Nads Hair Removal Strips were very easy to apply and remove and effectively removed the hair, while Andrea Body Wax strips were much less effective and received a poor overall score of 40%. They were also the most expensive product.

One trialist said of Andrea strips: “I found this product quite useless. Had to abandon trial due to its ineffectiveness …”

Profile - what to buy

The recommended models are listed below. See the results tables for ratings of other models.

Nads Hair Removal Strips

Price: $0.40 per strip Nads hair removal strips

Good points: This product rated the highest overall for effectiveness, ease of use and ease of application. It included “soothing and finishing” wipes, which may have contributed to its equal highest ease of use score. It was the second cheapest in the category.

Trialists' comments:

  • “I have very strong hair and these removed it easily — I was really surprised. They were easy to use, left hardly any residual wax and removed most of the hair.”
  • “Less need to repeat process as fine hair removed more easily. Less residual wax and skin softer and smoother to touch.”

Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips for Normal Skin

Price: $0.50 per strip Veet hair removal wax strips

Good points: This product was the second-top scorer and is very easy to both apply and remove. It did however only receive an OK effectiveness score.

Trialists' comments:

  • “These strips are overall very good and are actually larger than the others I tested."
  • "Fantastic. I would definately use these again. They are easy to use. I only used about one quarter of the pack, which for my hair, I thought, was very good. They only left a little wax residue which cleaned off easily with the wipes."


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