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Wax on, wax off? What type of hair removal product is the easiest and best to use?
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  • Updated:2 May 2007

05.Wax kits

Pot of hair removal waxWax is applied (warm or cold) to the skin in a thin layer. It’s then either left to harden or a fabric strip is applied. The wax or strip is then pulled off against the direction of the hair growth, removing the hair with it.

Waxes shouldn’t be used by anyone susceptible to infection, such as people with diabetes of circulatory problems, and they shouldn’t be applied over varicose veins, moles and warts or on irritated, chapped sunburnt or broken skin. Test a small area for an allergic reaction beforehand.

Veet Warm Wax rated the highest for ease of use and ease of application and was also one of the cheapest products tested in this category. Nair Salon Divine Body Wax Sensual Orchid was rated for the lowest for effectiveness, ease of use and ease of removal and was one of the most expensive tested.

One tester said of the Nair product: “Used much more wax than usual, did not remove the hair. The pot had no lid so if you decided to try again, [it would be] very difficult to store.” Perhaps surprisingly, only three trialists rated a product ‘very painful’, with most respondents rating the kits ‘slightly painful’ or ‘not at all painful’.

Profiles - what to buy

The recommended models are listed below. See the results tables for ratings of other models.

Veet Warm Wax

Price: $3.20 (per 100 g) Veet warm wax

Good points

  • This was one of the cheaper pot waxes tested and received a very good overall score. It also has a handy temperature gauge on the spatula that warns the user when the wax is too hot to use.

Trialists' comments

  • “Easy to apply, excellent cotton strips and plenty of them, no pain and smooth skin.”
  • “It glided on and came off easily.”

Julienne Soft Wax

Price: $3.20 (per 100 g) Julienne soft wax

Good points

  • This was the cheapest product tested in this category with a good overall score. It is also very easy to remove. This wax also makes the claim that it’s not tested on animals (see Animal testing).

Trialists' comments

  • “Easy to use, not messy and did the job the first time.”
  • “The only complaint with this wax kit is that the spatula was slightly too narrow. Otherwise this kit was excellent.”

Nads Sangria Punch Natural Warm Gel

Price: $5.95 (per 100 g) Nads sangria punch natural warm gel

Good points

  • Besides sounding like a Spanish beverage, this product was very easy to remove but was the most expensive in the category.

Trialists' comments

  • “Very thick. Used half a jar on one leg. Not cost effective.”
  • “Really smooth and easy to remove. The cloth strips are really durable and stick to the wax easily.”

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