Hair care

Independent and trusted reviews and tests of hair care products, including information about hair dyes, treating hair loss, shampoos, and hair dryers and straighteners.

Woman straightening hair

Hair straightener reviews

We have test results for 15 popular hair straighteners priced from $30 to $300, including models from GHD, Cloud Nine and Silver Bullet.

19 Jun 2014 | Which is the best hair straightener - GHD, Glampalm, Cloud Nine, Silver Bullet or Remington? CHOICE puts these plus several more popular brands to the test to find out.

Hair loss

Treating hair loss

Hair loss affects more than half of all men and some women. We separate the successful treatments from the snake oils.

1 Nov 2011 | Hair loss powers an industry with more than its fair share of sharks, so caveat emptor!


Natural hair dye

They cost up to twice as much as supermarket products, but are health store hair dyes any healthier?

29 Jul 2011 | They have a higher price tag, but is there any benefit to buying “natural” or “organic” hair dyes? CHOICE investigates the ingredients.


Shampoo user trial

One of the most expensive brands on test rated worst overall with triallists. So think twice before purchasing your 'salon style' shampoo.

14 Jul 2010 | Our 41 volunteer testers tried 11 supermarket brands, costing between $5 and $16 per bottle.

Woman drying hair

Hair dryer reviews

Do new technologies such as ceramic and ionic make a difference to the way your hair feels?

2 Jul 2010 | CHOICE conducted a user trial of 14 hair dryers to find out if a hefty price tag or new technological features make a difference.

Woman colouring hir

Home hair colour review and compare

Which home hair colour did trialists prefer?

2 May 2007 | 113 women trialled the 100% grey coverage, permanent hair dyes for us.

Shampoo trial

Shampoo reviews

You could save hundreds of dollars a year. Our top shampoos were all from supermarkets.

29 Jun 2006 | Over 500 CHOICE Home Testers (80% women and 20% men) each tried out four different shampoos.


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