Dental care

Independent and trusted reviews and advice about dental care, including information about electric toothbrushes, teeth whitening treatments, and how to choose the right dentist.

Woman cleans teeth with electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrushes review

We tested 10 electric toothbrushes in the CHOICE labs including models from Oral-B, Colgate and Philips.

19 May 2014 | While a manual toothbrush can give you a good clean, an electric toothbrush can be a great alternative.


Dental costs: is the price right?

Why is a trip to the dentist so expensive?

16 Sep 2013 | Prices for dental work can vary dramatically from practice to practice. We find out why.


Toothpaste marketing

The toothpaste market is not as clean as you might think.

3 Jul 2012 | We've looked at 17 toothpastes, and spoken to dental experts to find out if there's any truth to the marketing claims.


Philips AirFloss first look

Flossing your teeth regularly is an important step in maintaining good oral health.

2 Jul 2012 | Philips have introduced the Sonicare AirFloss, designed to make flossing easier.

teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatment

We look at the pros and cons of DIY kits, kiosk and professional dental whitening services.

20 May 2012 | With the boom in shopping centre kiosks and beauty salons offering teeth whitening services, we examine the potential risks and benefits.


Dental decay

It’s not just sugary foods and drinks that are bad for your teeth, other nasties contribute to dental decay.

21 Jun 2010 | CHOICE tested 85 foods and drinks readily available in supermarkets and found that many promoted as healthy snacks are some of the worst offenders.


Can you trust your dentist?

Our investigation highlights the diagnostic minefield the average dental patient faces and the pluses of dental tourism.

23 Nov 2009 | Our undercover "patient" visited 14 Sydney dentists. Their wildly different verdicts on her teeth expose flaws in our dental system.

Toothbrushes & paste

Is natural toothpaste worth the price tag

Read the fine print, and you’ll find some "natural" toothpastes may not be as pure as you think.

1 Aug 2009 | Many of the so-called “natural” brands aren’t so different from conventional toothpaste, yet they’re often far more expensive.

Guide to choosing dental care

Something's rotten in the state of Australia's health - our teeth.

12 Jun 2007 | Many people are avoiding preventative care and early treatment because they can’t afford dental care, resulting in more serious oral and general health problems — with more extreme treatment and higher costs later on.


Whitening toothpaste review and compare

Hoping for a DIY Hollywood smile? You might be disappointed.

1 Jan 2005 | Before you buy any whitening product, we’d recommend talking to your dentist about the particular type of stain that affects your teeth, to avoid wasting money.


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