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Why do the same cosmetics cost more in Australia than overseas?
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03.What you can do


While it’s easy to vent dissatisfaction towards Australian retailers, the experts we spoke to are quick to point out those local retailers face similar constraints regarding price. Costs are determined by the manufacturers, and for overseas brands prices they're set by head office - often differently depending on the country.

Shopping online is one alternative, but this can also be difficult given high shipping costs and an increase in “geo-blocking”, where consumers are blocked from having their product shipped to Australia if they buy from an overseas site. 

McKellar says the best way Australian shoppers can make their dissatisfaction heard to take it directly to the companies themselves. “With social media it’s easy to do this. Ask them directly: ‘Why are the prices are so different?’”

Buying Australian

Adore Beauty founder Kate Morris suggests Aussie consumers look locally if they want to avoid unfair pricing. “Local sites can stock some great Australian brands at a variety of price points. If you want to know you’re paying a reasonable price that’s the same as everyone else I’d strongly suggest looking at those brands instead. You'll also be supporting local business.”


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