Independent and trusted reviews and advice about cosmetics, including information about cosmetic surgery, moisturisers, chemicals in cosmetics, and make-up.

Man with face cream

Men's moisturisers user trial

Men's moisturisers are big business. Find out what our trialists preferred.

9 Apr 2008 | CHOICE asked 57 male home testers to trial eight "normal skin" moisturisers. Participants were given six unidentified moisturisers which they used for three days consecutively.


Counterfeit perfumes - how to smell a fake

CHOICE sniffs out the facts on the counterfeit perfume business.

21 Nov 2007 | While it’s more likely you’ll come across a counterfeit perfume at the markets or online, some knock-offs are also finding their way onto retail shelves.


Moisturisers with sunscreen user trial

People are increasingly choosing to use a moisturiser with sunscreen, to protect them from harmful UV rays.

26 Sep 2007 | We arranged for 280 home testers to trial six unidentified moisturisers, which they used for three days consecutively.

Woman putting on face cream

Anti aging creams review

Are cosmeceuticals the way to youthful skin?

15 Jun 2007 | The current buzzword in the world of anti-aging is cosmeceuticals. But is there any real science behind the hype?


Cosmetics - safe and cruelty free?

What's the progress on cruelty free cosmetics?

4 May 2007 | How can consumers work out what has been tested on animals and what hasn’t? And what are the alternatives to animal testing?


Mascara review and compare

One ‘volumising’ mascara stood out by a length — but at a price.

14 Dec 2006 | Our results show that a big name or a higher price is not always a guarantee of how much you’ll like a product. One of the highest rated mascaras was considerably cheaper than others rated equally.

Girl in bikini

Self tanning review and compare

How to get the bronzed look without the harmful rays.

4 Oct 2006 | Our results show that a big name or a higher price is no guarantee of how much you’ll like a product.

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