Independent and trusted advice about clothing, including information about sizing standards and high heeled shoes.

Choosing correct shoes and foot care

Taking care of your feet

We help you find your happy feet, with tips for buying foot-care products as well as shoes for school or ageing feet.

21 Feb 2014 | How to choose footcare products that work and shoes that are best for your feet.

'Made in secrecy' label on jeans

Ethical clothing

How can you know who really made your clothes? Unravelling the answers isn't easy.

17 Feb 2014 | Even Australian-made garments are likely not as ethically made as you thought they were. We look into the real cost of your clothes.

Mannequin with tape measure wrapped around it

Clothing size irregularities

Size irregularities suit certain sectors of the fashion industry.

25 May 2009 | While there is an Australian standard for children’s clothes sizes, there isn’t for adults. So designers and clothing manufacturers base their sizes on their sales history, marketing hunches and their ideal customer.


High heel shoes cost comparison

Is there any excuse for some shoes costing 12 times as much as others?

1 Jul 2008 | If you’ve ever lusted after a pair of designer shoes, you’ve no doubt come up with a long list of reasons why spending $500 on some to-die-for heels is a good idea.


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