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If you're disappointed with the sound from your TV, this could be a neat solution.
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01.Q Acoustics Q-TV2


Price $740
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4 stars out of 5

If you're disappointed with the sound from your TV — which is likely, given CHOICE’s ongoing criticism of most TVs’ inbuilt systems — but don't have room for a 5.1 surround sound system, Q Acoustics’ Q-TV2 is worth considering. It's far from cheap, but it can deliver improved sound without taking up much space.
The device attaches to the back of your TV and can fit 81cm-106cm screen sizes. A device designed for larger TVs will be available later in 2010, but wasn't on sale at the time of testing.
The Q-TV2 comprises a flat subwoofer and two side speakers that project just a little from the sides of the TV screen. Connection is via the headphone socket, but there's a warning in the manual that this may not work with some TVs. The alternative is through the line-out or optical-out which will provide the best quality sound, although this option means you'll have to use the device’s limited remote control to adjust the volume. We recommend the headphone connection if possible, because you only need to use the TV remote control.
Sound quality is impressive for such a compact unit. The subwoofer isn't as powerful as you would expect from a 5.1 home theatre system and it can't deliver surround sound, but it’s reasonably smooth and produces a lot more punch than any TV we’ve tested. Voice quality is very good (although it could have a little more bass), and when it's turned up very loud there's minimal distortion. Our only minor reservation is that a little is lacking in the mid-ranges at times.
There are settings for different room positions so you won't be overwhelmed by bass if your TV is located in a corner or against a wall, and a lip-sync adjustment to make sure the sound isn't delayed when playing DVDs.
The device is attached to the TV via two rails, which are in turn attached to the TV’s wall-mounting sockets. This is simple to do, but means you'll need a separate wall mounting kit ($129) if you want the TV wall-mounted. There's also a cantilever kit for $449.
Of course, powerful sound requires more power than the TV normally uses, but the Q-TV2 manages to deliver a good level of sound while using about 6W, which isn't excessive. However, it also uses 1.8W in standby mode which is a little high. We suggest turning it off at the wall when not in use.

CHOICE verdict

If you're strapped for space or just want a minimalist look, the Q-TV2 can deliver good sound – but you'll pay for the convenience. 

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