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MP3 and MP4 player reviews

We compare two popular smartphones with the latest in media players.
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04.What to look for

Controls You may want to fast forward or rewind through some of your media files, especially videos. All media players on test have this ability but some have these main controls as easy-to-access buttons, rather than buried deep within a touchscreen menu.

Rechargeable battery Most media players have a built-in rechargeable (Li-ion) battery pack you can recharge from your computer’s USB port or an AC adapter. Batteries generally charge faster from an AC adapter than from a USB port.

Inbuilt memory Media players with inbuilt flash memory can take more of a knock than models using a hard disk drive. However, hard drives are available with up to 160GB capacity while flash memory tends to be limited to 32GB.

Removable memory card support allows you to store photos and video clips and transfer them to a computer. You can also keep separate music/movie collections on multiple cards to use when needed.

Computer connection type A USB connection of any type allows you to transfer files to your computer. Some models use a commonly available mini or micro USB connection and can appear on the PC as an external drive. 

Headphone connection A media player with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm jack will allow you to use a standard set of headphones to listen to music if you don’t like the set it comes with. 

Touchscreens make for a sleek design and are generally easy to use. However, they can make fine control difficult in some circumstances and some users may find the finger marks irritating. Most media players use a resistive touchscreen, where a finger or stylus can be used to make menu selections. The Apple products and Samsung Galaxy III use a capacitive touchscreen. This reads the electrostatic charge of a finger, and does not need as decisive an imprint as the more commonly used resistive screen in order to perform a task.


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