Portable media players

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides. Compare price and performance of portable media players and accessories.

portable media player with headphones and catalogue

MP3 and MP4 player reviews

We compare two popular smartphones with the latest in media players.

15 Nov 2012 | See how the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy III compare with the latest MP3 and MP4 players.

Ipod shuffle

Apple iPod Shuffle quick review

The impressive design is undermined by an unfortunate headphone lock-in.

19 Mar 2009 | Apple’s latest iPod shuffle is the smallest model ever released, and like previous iterations doesn’t have a screen. It’s roughly the length of a house key and packs just under 4GB of data for a possible 1000 songs.

MP3 players

Portable media players review and compare

We test the latest MP3, MP4 and video players to tell you the best buys.

12 Nov 2008 | We give ratings for ease of use, sound and video quality, and battery life.

Uniross Emergency Two Way Charger

Uniross Emergency Two Way Charger quick review

This little charger could become an essential travelling companion.

10 Sep 2008 | Keeping your mobile phone or MP3 player charged when you're travelling can be a hassle, especially when you’re in remote areas away from a convenient power point.

Eco media player

Eco media player quick review

If you're away from a power source or a portable computer, this media player may be for you.

21 Feb 2008 | On an extended camping trip you may be without a power source,with this media player you're able to bring a bit of luxury with you.

Ipod touch

Apple ipod touch quick review

We check out the new Apple iPod media player.

7 Dec 2007 | The iPod Touch looks so much like an iPhone that comparisons are inevitable, but that’s not really comparing Apples with Apples — it’s designed to be a touch screen iPod media player, not a touch phone.

Apple ipod classic

Apple iPod classic quick review

The iPod Classic is a smart-looking hard-drive MP3 player with a larger capacity and a wealth of features.

6 Dec 2007 | The Apple iPod Classic is available with a 80 or 160GB hard drive — we tested the latter (which has an RRP of $479).

In car DVD player

In car DVD players review and compare

In-car DVD players may seem like a good idea for keeping kids occupied, but read this report before buying one — for safety’s sake.

5 Oct 2007 | We tested eight in-car DVD players of two different configurations - remote screens and built in screens.



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