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Points of view

Points of view: iPhone 4 vs HTC Desire

Smartphones have a lot to offer - consider these points before you decide to buy.

14 Sep 2010 | We take you through the key advantages of two of the hottest smartphones currently available in Australia.

iPhone 4 review

Apple iPhone 4 First Look

CHOICE takes a hands-on look at the iPhone 4 in a bid to replicate the controversial reception problem. Our video sizes up the merits of the iPhone 4 and HTC Desire.

4 Aug 2010 | Reviews of the iPhone 4 have been mostly favourable, but is it worth upgrading?

Capped mobile phone plans

Capped mobile phone plans

CHOICE shows you how to avoid the “capped” sting that tricks consumers into paying higher bills.

23 Jul 2010 | Be wary of the 'soft cap' ruse and use our tips to help you find the right mobile phone plan.

mobile phone reviews

Basic mobile phone reviews

When you don't need all the bells and whistles, a basic phone provides all you need at a fraction of the cost of a smartphone.

9 Jul 2010 | CHOICE reviews 16 basic phones priced from $69 to $319.

CHOICE reviews music player mobile phones

Mobile phone music players review

Some of the latest music phones deliver music player features and functionality that would rival a dedicated MP3 player.

8 Jul 2010 | CHOICE tests 16 models, including battery performance, to find the best music phone.

iphone gps reviews

iPhone GPS apps review and compare

We test nine turn-by-turn voice navigation apps for the iPhone.

8 Jul 2010 | Turn your iPhone into a satellite navigation GPS with one of these handy new apps.


Mobile banking takes off

The popularity of the iPhone is changing the face of mobile banking.

30 Apr 2010 | The latest Nielsen research has found that 61% of online consumers who use a mobile phone will consider an iPhone in the next year.


Mobiles for seniors & kids

We test five simple to use mobile phones priced from $175 to $340.

20 Apr 2010 | CHOICE responds to our member requests and looks at mobile phones without the features that could complicate the process of making and taking phone calls.


Sudio Solar speakerphone first look

Play it safe and keep your hands on the wheel with this solar-powered bluetooth handsfree device.

14 Apr 2010 | It's a cheap alternative to a hands-free car kit, but it has some limitations.


Smartphone data usage

Avoid bill shock with our data usage guide.

27 Jan 2010 | Smartphone mobile internet plans have come under fire lately because of exorbitant excess data usage charges.


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