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Confused by the ins and outs of mobile call plans? Our guide can help you.
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03.Phone with a plan or BYO

You have two basic choices when it comes to a handset: bring your own (either one you already have, or a new or secondhand one you’ve bought outright), or get a new one in association with a plan.

Some fixed-term plans that offer a particular phone include its price in their monthly charge. With others you can buy a new phone of your choice in monthly instalments, but separate from the plan itself. In both cases you’ll have to pay out the price of the phone if you leave the plan early.

If you get a phone with a plan, you’re looking at between $5 and $50 per month for the phone. If you’re buying one outright, prices for new phones range from less than $100 to over $1000. Buying secondhand is an option worth considering.

Don’t be fooled by ads for $0 phones — they’re usually $0* phones, and * means you’re tied into a fixed-term contract that includes your paying for the phone in instalments for the duration of the plan.

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