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Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G review

Our first look at the highly-anticipated Apple iPhone 3G.

14 Jul 2008 | Apple has released its new iPhone version 2 in Australia with features including 3G network access, GPS capability and upgraded connectivity.

Bandaged phone

Mobile phone repairs investigation

Complaints about mobile phones are at an all-time high.

26 Jun 2008 | The ACCC receives more complaints about telcos than any other industry, with a substantial number relating to mobiles.

Mobile phone

Mobile phones GSM and 3G review 2008

The latest mobiles deliver lots of features, but make sure you aren't paying for things you don't need.

7 Feb 2008 | CHOICE tests 33 GSM and 3G phones to find the best.


Bluetooth headsets

They’re stylish and useful — but not entirely hassle-free.

4 Jul 2007 | Bluetooth headsets make it easier to walk and talk with your mobile phone. But are they comfortable?


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