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Guy on mobile phone

Mobile phone plans buying guide

01 Mar 2009 | Finding the right mobile phone plan can be a daunting task. Which provider has the best coverage in your area? Pre-paid or fixed-term contract, and if contract: what monthly amount?  More »


Mobile phones GSM and 3G review

19 Nov 2009 | CHOICE tests 55 GSM and 3G phones to find the best.  More »

iphone gps reviews

iPhone GPS apps review and compare

08 Jul 2010 | Turn your iPhone into a satellite navigation GPS with one of these handy new apps.  More »

Smartphones review and compare

Smartphone reviews

04 Jul 2014 | We review the Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G Flex, as well as the latest models from Sony, Nokia and Motorola.  More »


Next G mobile phone reviews

27 Jun 2013 | We reveal how 17 mobile phones available on the Next G 850MHz network perform in the Australian outback.  More »

Cordless phone with anwsering machine

Cordless phones with answering machine review 2009

05 Jun 2009 | All phones tested are charged via a base station that sends the signal wirelessly to the handset, so you can have a chat while moving around the house.  More »


Cordless phones without answering machines review

21 Jul 2011 | We look at models that work with an extra handset, providing added versatility.  More »

Mobile phone

Mobile camera phones review

26 Mar 2009 | It's official, Australians can’t do without their mobile phone, in fact there are now more active mobile phones than people, with 21 million currently in circulation.   More »

In car DVD player

In car DVD players review and compare

05 Oct 2007 | We tested eight in-car DVD players of two different configurations - remote screens and built in screens.  More »

Amazon kindle

Video review - Amazon Kindle

18 Nov 2009 | Steve Duncombe reviews this latest ebook reader from online giant,  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

Smartphones review and compare

Smartphone reviews

04 Jul 2014 | We review the Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G Flex, as well as the latest models from Sony, Nokia and Motorola.  More »

Person typing on a smartphone

Mobile phone rights for consumers

07 Jul 2014 | Fighting with your telco? Find out what your rights are in relation to your mobile phone and contract.   More »


Dual SIM mobile phone review

19 Jun 2014 | Dual SIM mobiles let you choose multiple carriers based on the best value. We tested 21, including LG, Nokia, Sony and Samsung handsets.  More »


Chromecast review

28 May 2014 | Looking for a simply effective way to watch all the stuff that's on your phone or tablet on your TV ? This handy plug and play device could be the answer.  More »

landline phones

Cordless phone reviews

28 Apr 2014 | We review a range of cordless phones, with one corded landline in the mix, including models from Panasonic, Telstra, Uniden and more.   More »


LG G Flex review

08 Apr 2014 | LG’s latest effort to make the large screen smartphone more human friendly is to curve the screen to the shape of the face.   More »

The Panasonic KX-PRX150AZB hybrid phone

Panasonic KX-PRX150 review

27 Mar 2014 | Is Panasonic's KX-PRX150 hybrid landline / smartphone the perfect phone? CHOICE called in to find out.  More »

Woman reading her ebook

Ebook reader reviews

25 Mar 2014 | Find out which models have the best readability and design for reading eBooks, and are the easiest to use.  More »


TrackR first look

02 Apr 2014 | The TrackR device is designed to help you find your lost stuff. Use an app to make the TrackR beep and let you know it's close by.   More »


Quick look: smartphones

28 Oct 2013 | The latest smartphones go way beyond simply browsing the web and taking the occasional photo.  More »


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