CeBIT 2012

We head to the world's largest digital and IT trade fair in Hannover.
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04.Day 1 - Cloud storage security

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Fast, safe and light as a cloud

security3The technology roadtrain has travelled across Europe from Barcelona to Hannover, and some themes continue to dominate, whether you are working on a PC, Mac or mobile platform and that is security and cloud storage.

CeBit 2012 focuses more on the hardware side of things compared to the Mobile World Congress, with a big push towards networked attached storage (NAS) storage as the best way to integrate existing computing hardware. This comes as more and more people,  store an increasing amounts of content 'in the cloud'.

Major players in this area include Netgear, Buffalo and Imation. These companies are promoting new NAS systems, which they claim are effective for home users to keep their content (both on the home PC and also stored online) backed up and secure.

Hand in hand with cloud storage is the need to keep data safe from loss and online threats. Security companies such as Sophos, Kaspersky and McAfee have a huge presence at CeBit. Despite the subject of online and file security not seen as 'sexy', the organisers felt security was important enough to be one of the main themes of the conference.

Gamers still driving tech, but not on ultrabooks

CeBIT-LEAD-gamingTwo giant halls were devoted to gaming in all forms on Intel based PCs and notebooks.

The numbers in these areas were very large, yet very different from the CeBit attendees throughout the rest of the conference. Pants below the hips, messenger bags and Gen Y confidence were prevalent, and the only people wearing suits were manning the stands.

Gamers were suitably impressed with the latest processing advances and improvements in video performance.

However as much as Intel would like to think that ultrabooks are making waves in all areas, gamers seem to be ignoring lightweight notebooks. Instead, they're turning towards the biggest PCs and laptop computers available, to ensure they don't fall behind when playing with friends and enemies on a local network or online.

Apple still rule on the shop floor

iphone-case-sketchupOne of the most startling observations to be found at Barcelona's MWC was the downright animosity towards the iOS platform.

Many of the people working at smaller developer stands told me they create for the iOS as an afterthought, and the most interesting moves were in the Android and even Windows Phone space.

In direct contrast, CeBit 2012 remains an Apple world when it comes to gadgets and accessories. The conference is focused on hardware rather than software - and its all iPhone and iPad.

The iPad accessory has become a complete industry, with covers for the device ranging from $20 to $200 and sometimes even more. Mapi cases have a range of leather iPad and iPhone cases that seem well made while incorporating some interesting solutions for viewing the device in portrait or landscape.

However for those who want to display their own creativity and not spend so much on their phone, one maker called Trexta has released an iPhone case called the sketch up where you can draw on the back and make your own unique cover for about $20.

Coming up

Tomorrow, I'll bring you more on wireless HDMI sending HD video out of the wireless device and onto your TV as well as watching your tablet content on your TV using HDMI. I'll also look at an action camcorder that looks suspiciously like the Hero Pro we looked at recently at CHOICE.

Take a look at our Technology section, for more information about software and online services, and phones and mobile devices.

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