Garden design software review and compare

Garden design software can help you plan and maintain your patch of green, but packages have their drawbacks.
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  • Updated:7 Jan 2004

02.What to buy

  • Punch! Master Landscape & Home Design - $128
  • DiComp Garden Composer - $150 

Punch! Master Landscape & Home Design was the most popular program with triallists. Although they experienced some problems with its ease of use, they were happiest with the end results from this program and wanted more time to experiment.

DiComp Garden Composer was also popular, largely because it was easy to use and understand. It’s similar to Geoff Hamilton’s 3D Garden Designer in look and feel, but it’s designed for the Australian market and triallists experienced fewer glitches. Despite this, triallists were a little disappointed with the quality of the end result. Geoff Hamilton’s and Broderbund 3D Home Landscape Designer Deluxe 5 were harder to use, have limited information on Australian plants and don’t consider local soil conditions and seasons.


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