When the light bulb moment strikes, capture that great idea with these tools

16 Oct 2013 | Capture that great idea in a few clicks with brainstorming and journaling apps and websites.

man juggling suitcases

Personal financial software

We look at some of the way you can use personal financial software to manage your home budget.

19 Aug 2011 | Everyone has money concerns, but can personal financial packages help track expenses and manage your budget? We look at some of the online alternatives.

Building a better browser

Build a better browser

CHOICE Computer's pick of the best add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome

13 Apr 2011 | All major internet browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome - come with a host of add-ons to supercharge your browsing.


Windows shortcut keys

A quick reference guide to the most useful key combinations.

11 Feb 2011 | This is the quick reference guide to Windows shortcut keys from CC Jan/Feb 2011.

Christmas card

Make a Christmas e-card

Make your own Christmas e-card in a few simple steps.

28 Nov 2008 | Have some festive fun with your computer this Christmas. There are lots of things you can do to make personalised cards, decorations and even install some cute Christmas lights onto your computer.

Woman on laptop

Make Christmas cards in word

Send Christmas cheer: create greeting cards with your own personalised touch.

25 Nov 2008 | You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on home publishing software to design your own greeting cards.


Virtualisation guide

With the right software, you can get two computers for the price of one.

18 Sep 2008 | Virtualisation is the hip computing buzzword of the moment: open up the business pages and you’ll find it in abundance.


Make an online photo album

How to create an online photo album.

13 May 2008 | One of the advantages of digital photography is that your photos no longer have to be locked away within a physical photo album.

Using Skype

Cut phone costs with Skype

Saving money with internet telephony with Skype.

3 Apr 2007 | Long-distance phone calls can keep you in touch with far flung friends and loved ones, but you don’t want to have to mortgage your house to pay for them.

Listening to music

Convert your music to digital

Got a few tapes or vinyl LPs tucked away in a corner? Why not convert them to digital format.

15 Jun 2006 | Our guide details what you need to convert your old music into digital format and how to get started.

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