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Shopping comparison websites can help you sniff out a good deal.
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  • Updated:3 Apr 2007

02.Website list

General sites

  • AusPrices compares prices for thousands of computer, electronics, jewellery, photography and household items from about 250 Australian retailers. Some products have a review or rating and there are links to retailers’ websites to buy online or enquire about product availability.
  • At BuyFast you click on a product category to see a list of retailers. Type in the item name to find the best price. You can choose to include all or some of the retailers on the list; however, they may not all be local sites so you should check before going ahead with a purchase.
  • DoorOne has comparison prices for categories such as home appliances, baby products, clothing, computers, clothing, home furnishings and cosmetics. It’s possible to search by brand, product category or price range. The site lists the price for each relevant retailer and the postage costs if they’re available.
  • GetOnce features books, DVDs, games, computers, music CDs and beauty products. It’s possible to search one or all of the listed retailers for a product. You can also search auction sites including eBay and 2bid.
  • Getprice has consumer products in a range of categories such as computing, electronics, kids, house, sport and wine. The site includes short buying guides with explanations of terminology or specifications for technical products.
  • MyShopping covers a range of products — from electronics and toys to gifts and flowers, food and wine, books and posters and even credit cards and home loans. The site has reviews and buying guides for some products.
  • Submit an item’s model number into the NeTender website and it’s sent like a tender to retailers. The site lists the three cheapest prices and then you contact the retailer with the best price if you want to buy the product. You must register to use the service, but you can search for an item before you sign in.
  • The ninemsn shopping site has products from about 300 retailers, but they’re only online stores. Products include clothing, homewares, jewellery, laptops, home entertainment items, cameras and portable music players. The site relies heavily on eBay for listings and some products only list one retailer, which isn’t really a useful comparison.
  • ShopFerret covers a large range of consumer products including sporting goods, home appliances, baby products and credit cards. Retailer reviews provide an insight into other shoppers’ experiences. The retailers listed at the top of a list may not always be the cheapest, however.
  • has comparison prices for categories such as clothing, computers, home furnishings, kitchen appliances and pet care. Retailer reviews and product information are available; however, some items are only listed with one retailer so it’s not always a true comparison. Note that has partnered with Yahoo!7 Shopping, DoorOne and ninemsn shopping so many retailers are the same.
  • Yahoo! 7 Shopping recently relaunched after it partnered with It has comparison prices for categories such as clothing, computers, home furnishings, kitchen appliances and pet care.

Specialist sites

Perhaps you’re looking for a particular type of product, such as an electrical item, book or bottle of wine? Specialist sites compare prices in one or a few categories and can be very useful when you want a targeted search.

  • OzPriceGuide features computers, peripherals such as printers and monitors, as well as music players and storage devices. You can search by brand, features or biggest price reduction. The site shows product specifications with each listing and a complete list of Australian retailers with links to their websites.
  • PhoneChoice compares mobile phone, broadband internet and home and internet telephone plans. The site has a handy glossary to decipher technical terms such as general packet radio service (GPRS) and voice over internet protocol (VoIP). You can search for the cheapest plan or browse by category or service provider.
  • Shopbot features computers, printers and monitors and electronics including DVD players, video projectors and televisions. There’s an extensive list of brands and models from a large range of retailers, particularly for popular products like mobile phones and portable music players.
  • StaticICE concentrates on electrical items and computers, such as digital video cameras, portable music players, mobile phones, printers and computing accessories. It claims to search more than 655,000 gadgets from about 264 Australian retailers.
  • WineRobot features a large range of local and imported wines with prices from online retailers. You can search on type, region, variety, year, winery and price. The site provides basic information about each wine, such as single and case price, but doesn’t provide reviews or recommendations.

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